Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has been at the helm for about a year and things are already looking up for Halo. The game received an overhaul with its latest installment, receiving universal praise from both critics and fans alike.

“Halo Infinite Review: Laying The Foundation” is a review of the upcoming game “Halo Infinite”. It will be released on October 27th, 2018. Read more in detail here: when is halo infinite coming out.

Halo Infinite Review: Laying The Foundation

Despite the fact that I’ve just recently purchased my first Xbox system, I’ve made it a point to play Halo whenever I get the opportunity. I’m a great lover of first-person shooters, and despite not owning original Halo games on original hardware, I played many hours of multiplayer battles at friends’ and family members’ homes.

So I knew I was losing out, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized just what I had been missing out on. With that in mind, I felt the weight of Microsoft’s heritage the whole time I was playing this new Halo generation. 


To be precise, I completed the first four Halo games before embarking on Infinite. On the advise of many a Halo veteran friend, I made the intentional decision not to play Halo 5. After learning more about the fifth iteration, I believe it was a wise choice. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I loved Halo Infinite’s campaign so much. 

In terms of the look and feel of Halo, 343 has completely nailed it in both the narrative and multiplayer. The groundwork for Halo to become a long-term fixture in the next decade has been established, almost miraculously. That isn’t to say that the game is flawless, but 343 has re-established themselves in more ways than one. 

I’ll warn you now that there will be some minor spoilers discussed, but I’ll do my best to avoid them. 

Because I haven’t played Halo 5, I haven’t had to endure the agony of witnessing Cortana become evil. I switched gears from Cortna’s heartbreaking death to figuring out why Chief can still hear her in his thoughts and who this new AI is. 

There was an emotional component to the story once again. The bond between Chief and Cortana is and has always been the throbbing core of the epic sci-fi journey of one person versus the cosmos.


Having that back and forth between the Chief and this new AI, who we’ll refer to as “The Weapon” until the conclusion of the game, made things seem even more familiar. 

There were a few fundamental changes to the way a Halo tale was conveyed in Halo Infinite, despite all the aspects that made Halo Infinite seem familiar. This is an open-world game in which you may explore a wide expansive territory. 

Yes, there are cutscenes, but the majority of the plot is presented via audio logs scattered across Zeta Halo. 

Walking around and listening to what Grunts and Brutes are saying before you chop their heads off will also teach you little, contextual pieces of knowledge. The speech is not just funny at times, but it also seems natural. 

The open world environment of Halo Infinite isn’t flawless, but it has a fantastic flow of exploration and incredibly rewarding combat. Despite the changes, it still has a Halo vibe about it.

I’d seek for a certain location on the map, get there, and face some adversaries along the route. Keep going ahead while dealing with them. The times when I could fling myself over a cliff only to land in an enemy camp and in the thick of a combat amazed me the most. 


It everything went together smoothly and, for the most part, functioned flawlessly. When Zeta Halo wasn’t in conflict, it seemed a little empty and without much else to do. You might say it’s a little “one note.”

It honestly wouldn’t have been so horrible if automobiles had been a bit easier to get to. It was inconvenient to have to be at a FOB in order to summon one, whereas Echo-216 could probably simply come find you and drop off some wheels.

That said, I loved the task “Is it Master Chief or Spider-Man?” since it tested how far your grappling hook could reach you. You’ll have no trouble swinging between trees and around cliffs if you update your grappling hook to have a shorter cooldown. 

It provides a huge increase in movement speed, making both fighting and exploration much more enjoyable. “Yes, you can do that!” was the most common response I received when I asked Halo Infinite a question.

Want to use your grappling hook to climb to the top of a beacon for a wild sniper angle? You’ve got this! Using nothing but your grappling hook and momentum, scale the side of a 90-degree mountain? Yes, you are capable of doing so. 

Of course, these amazing discoveries don’t stop with how you can move about in the campaign, but the fact that all of these components are now in play felt both fresh and appropriate for Halo. 


It’s as though the ingenuity that gamers have found in how the game’s physics function for years is now accessible to how you can move yourself, rather than simply how you can make other objects move. 

Putting the player in the driver’s seat of a big open environment to explore in between those heavy cinematic moments works considerably better than I anticipated for a brand that has traditionally had an action-film like linear manner of narrative.

I’m not going to go into detail about how the tale ended, any of the major plot twists, or the huge post-credits sequence. I’d prefer not give anything away. 

What I’ll say is that, more than in any previous Halo game I’ve played, I had the impression that the plot ended fairly suddenly. That’s not to say I didn’t see the finale coming as it happened, but as the credits rolled, I felt like I needed more from these people. 

Don’t get me wrong: there are some powerful emotional moments in this film. Even yet, I couldn’t escape the sensation that there was more to come, and at some time, the decision was taken to tie up the tale before moving on. 

I suppose the short story is that I still have a few unanswered questions. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long until we get some answers. 

Moving on from the campaign to the multiplayer, which is likely to be the primary preoccupation of the majority of gamers. 


Much as I’d want to believe that Halo Infinite is a story-driven game, that isn’t the case. Yes, it has a plot, but that isn’t why you’ll keep playing Infinite after you’ve finished it. 

Most first-person shooters released today have a strong emphasis on multiplayer, which should come as no surprise given the game that pioneered internet gaming as we know it. 

I’ll say it again: 343 Industries has nailed the gameplay. Your weapons are well-made and enjoyable to use. Getting additional weapons and other attachments from the wall may drastically alter the course of a battle while also adding variation.

It’s the original gameplay that put Halo and Microsoft on the map in the first place, and it’s fantastic. 

Multiplayer issues still exist, and several of them came dangerously close to robbing the game of its pleasure at launch.


The combat pass has already been considerably enhanced at the time of writing. The most recent event offers tangible benefits other than XP boosts and challenge swaps. The current Tenrai event has been reworked in the same way. 

Most notably, we now have Slayer and SWAT playlists, as well as a Fiesta playlist and a Big Team Battle playlist. It’s not as configurable as the Master Chief Collection, but it’s better than having no choices. 

These tweaks make a huge impact in terms of making the multiplayer experience much more engaging than it was at launch.

Review of Halo Infinite – The Bottom Line


  • With updated enhancements, the traditional gameplay that placed Halo on the map is returned.
  • It’s a pleasant place to explore since it’s flowing and open.
  • An fascinating and thrilling tale that returns the emotional core of the Halo games to its rightful place.


  • At times, the open world may seem bleak and monotonous, with a lack of variation in the kind of landscapes we could view.
  • The multiplayer playlists and battle pass system have improved, but there is still room for improvement.

If there was ever any question that Halo might return to the FPS fray in 2021 and make an impact after being idle for so long, that worry may now be put to rest. Halo Infinite is awe-inspiring because of what 343 Industries and Microsoft have done. 

Bringing a cherished property back to its due position in the world of video games was never going to be simple, but it’s been a joy to witness. Please pardon me, but “I need a weapon.”

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