Formula 1’s first grand prix outside Europe will be held in the city of Las Vegas. The race would mark a significant step forward for Formula One and its new owners Liberty Media, which bought F1 from Bernie Ecclestone last year with plans to expand the sport globally.

The “formula 1 las vegas 2023” is the first time Las Vegas has hosted a grand prix. The race will take place on November 16th, 2023.

Las VegasThe course in Las Vegas will “sweep through some of the world’s most renowned monuments, hotels, and casinos,” according to Formula 1.

After negotiating an agreement for a Las Vegas Grand Prix, Formula One will have a third event in the United States starting next year.

The 3.8-mile circuit will incorporate a section of the famed Strip in the Nevada tourist city.

The race will take place at night on a Saturday. Because to the eight-hour time difference, it will be televised in Europe early on Sunday morning.

Las Vegas will compete against the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, and the new Miami race, which will debut in May.

“This is a great moment for F1 that reflects the tremendous popularity and expansion of our sport with a third event in the United States,” F1 president Stefano Domenicali said.

The decision comes after more than three decades of F1 seeking and failing to obtain a race in Las Vegas that includes the Strip as part of the course configuration.

As a result, it signals a big achievement for F1’s new owners, Liberty Media, who have made growing the sport’s reach in America a priority since taking control in 2017.

“Las Vegas is a location recognized across the globe for its excitement, hospitality, thrills, and, of course, the famous Strip,” said Domenicali, who was in Las Vegas alongside Liberty Media chairman and chief executive officer Greg Maffei for the race announcement.

“There is no better venue for Formula 1 to compete than the world’s entertainment capital, and we can’t wait to be back here next year.”

The course will “sweep by some of the world’s most renowned buildings, hotels, and casinos,” according to an F1 release.

The race would last 50 laps and include “three major straights and 14 turns, including a high-speed turning sequence and a single chicane segment,” according to F1.

Route mapThe Las Vegas Grand Prix’s projected course map

The race is being marketed in collaboration with Caesars Palace, Wynn Las Vegas, MGM, and the Venetian, as well as other prominent casino and hotel businesses in the city.

The popularity of Formula One in the United States is increasing.

Since the Circuit of the Americas debuted on the schedule in 2012, Austin has been a big success, and the Miami race at Hard Rock Stadium is already generating a lot of buzz.

F1 previously conducted a grand prix in Las Vegas in 1981 and 1982, when former boss Bernie Ecclestone organized a race in the parking lot of the Caesars Palace resort.

Throughout the 1990s, Ecclestone attempted to negotiate a race on the Strip with different parties in Las Vegas, but his efforts were constantly thwarted by the casino owners’ unwillingness to block the iconic boulevard. He resurrected the proposals from time to time but was never able to secure a contract.

This time, the casinos and hotels are all on board, and it seems that this is due to F1’s rising popularity in the United States, which many attribute to the new audience attracted by Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

Since taking up the post in January 2021, Domenicali has worked hard to build ties with power brokers in Las Vegas.

F1 had a permanent home in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s at Watkins Glen in New York State, which was supplemented by a street race in Long Beach, California, beginning in 1978.

F1 spent the 1980s as a nomadic presence in America, cycling through a number of nondescript tracks in cities throughout the nation, none of which were a success. Watkins Glen’s career came to an end in 1980, and Long Beach followed it off the calendar in 1983, both for financial reasons.

With the shift to a road course within the iconic oval track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 2000 through 2007, it seemed to have found a permanent home.

Despite the fact that the event drew enormous audiences, F1 destroyed its own future in the country with a contentious race in 2005, in which only six cars competed due to a tyre dispute handled improperly by F1’s executives.

As a result, Indianapolis’ contract was not extended, and the United States was dropped off the calendar until Ecclestone secured the 2012 Austin event.

Austin was a smash from the start and has only gained in popularity since, but Ecclestone was unable to arrange a street race in New York overlooking the Manhattan skyline in the 2010s.

And it took the arrival of Liberty, who purchased Formula One in 2017 and fired Ecclestone as CEO, to bring in what looks to be a new age of success in the United States.

Las VegasFor a long time, Formula One has hoped to strike an agreement to compete in Las Vegas.

The “f1 news” is a Formula 1 that will be hosting a grand prix from 2023. The race will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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