The San Francisco 49ers are a NFL football team in the National Football League. Trey Lance is their linebacker for this season, and I am lucky enough to pick up his jersey.

The “trey lance qb rating today” is a blog post written by Trey Lance of the San Francisco 49ers. The article talks about how it’s time to move on from Colin Kaepernick, and how he is looking forward to having Jimmy Garoppolo as his starting quarterback.

SANTA CLARA (California) – The keys to the San Francisco 49ers haven’t been formally given over to Trey Lance yet, with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in uncertainty. But all indications are that it will happen shortly.

That means the Niners’ focus for the remainder of the offseason will be on making sure Lance’s new bike is cleaned, waxed, and ready to go when he starts the engine. That is true regardless of what Garoppolo does next.

“That’s why we looked at selling Jimmy,” Niners coach Kyle Shanahan said. “We definitely feel Trey can be a starter and we’re ready to do that.” “We brought Trey here to be that at some point, and I believe it will happen sooner rather than later.”

The most common concern regarding Lance as he prepares to start his new job is both simple and complicated: Is he ready? Right now, the honest answer is, “No one knows,” but the 49ers have seen enough to be willing to give him a chance.

Lance and the Niners aren’t expected to be fully prepared until September. That means Lance will have plenty of time to work on his passing mechanics, learn Shanahan’s playbook, get to know new quarterbacks coach Brian Griese, and bond with his teammates.


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Lance’s growth was considered as notable by the Niners at every stage of his rookie season. They were happy with his growth throughout the summer, and he returned to training camp with a better-than-expected recollection of the offense. Before fracturing his finger in the preseason finale, he performed well enough in camp to begin receiving repetitions with the first-team offense.

Lance completed 15 of 29 passes for 192 yards and an interception in his first start versus Arizona, while also running 16 times for 89 yards. He leaned too much on his legs that day, spraining his left knee, a setback that required many weeks to recover from. Garoppolo and the Niners were on their way by the time he got back up to full pace.

Lance, on the other hand, started to settle in behind the scenes. Linebacker Fred Warner encouraged Lance as the scout-team quarterback to take risks as the scout-team quarterback, making passes that other offenses would attempt in games rather than going the easy, safe route.

Lance soon found himself taking such risks and succeeding when he did. By late November, both on and off the record, players and coaches were gushing about the improvement he’d made, even if it wasn’t obvious to the public world.

“Scout team taught me a lot,” Lance stated. “Being able to play as and imitate a variety of characters and playing styles that aren’t entirely my own. I believe I learnt a lot from it… I believe I grew as a player.”

Lance received the call to start a must-win game against the Texans on Jan. 2 as Garoppolo was nursing a torn ligament in his right thumb late in the season. Lance began slowly, but his practice-field development became apparent as the game progressed.

Young observed Lance “metering” his passes from the first half to the second half, dependent on the speed of the game, the presence of linebackers, and the size of the field. Lance’s pocket play improved, according to Shanahan, who noted that he’d never done a seven-step drop before but was more comfortable with that mainstay of San Francisco’s play-action ideas.

Lance threw for 249 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception on 16 of 23 passing with a passer rating of 116.0 as the Niners defeated Houston 23-7. Smith, who is no new to the demands of being the franchise quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, took note.


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Smith stated, “I appreciated the evolution.” “To watch him settle into the pocket and not try to do too much from his first start, where I felt like he wasn’t going through his progressions, relying too much on his feet, and really trying to force things, to his second start, where I felt like he wasn’t going through his progressions, relying too much on his feet, and really trying to force things.”

“I recall trying to push things as a young player and realizing what a dreadful position that is to be in.” When you can simply think of yourself as the offense’s facilitator, particularly with a playcaller like Kyle who will occasionally turn it up for you and just allow the big plays come to you. I believe I saw that development.

“I believe this will be an excellent experience for him as he begins his career.”

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that Lance is still just 21 years old. Unlike the majority of the quarterbacks in last year’s rookie class, he will be thrust into a scenario where immediate success is anticipated.

Lance has spent his summer working out in Southern California with colleagues like quarterback Nate Sudfeld and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. Lance’s personal quarterback coach, John Beck, who worked with him before the draft last year, is advising him once again. According to Shanahan, Lance and Shanahan chat “all the time.”

Lance will receive all of the repetitions with the starters when the Niners reassemble for the offseason program in April. Lance’s moment is approaching, whether he is prepared or not.

Trent Williams, the left tackle, stated, “I have no question in my mind that he is a generational talent.” “Now it’s simply a matter of combining that potential with a strong work ethic and bringing it all together on Sundays.”

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