Final Fantasy XIV is expanding to new areas in its latest expansion pack, Stormblood, but how? Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer and director, discusses how the team goes about designing new areas, and how you can look forward to new jobs, new story quests, and new features!

As a huge fan of the “Final Fantasy” series, I’m always happy to learn more about my beloved games. Today, that’s exactly what I did with a loving and informative interview of Naoki Yoshida, producer and producer of “Final Fantasy XIV” (FFXIV). As a fan of FF, I’m always eager to hear more about the game, and in this interview, Naoki-san talks about the future of FFXIV, the design of the Endwakers, and what it’s like to date the characters in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida recently spoke with players at Gamescom about the upcoming expansion’s expansion content, and also touched on a few topics in the game’s main scenario, including where the expansion will take place, the design of the new Endwalker job, and the possibility of endgame content involving dating sims.

word-image-11816 This was the first new mission introduced in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker, but it turns out that Sage was the second mission developed for the expansion, and it took longer to formulate. In a recent IGN interview with producer/director Naoki Yoshida, we learn that mission design usually starts with the weapons used and evolves from there. The mower’s scythe was long overdue, so it only took three months from initial suggestions to design implementation, but the sage went through several iterations and took about six months, while the alchemist (with his bag of medicine) was a first draft for the new healer. We had a lot of work to do with the Sage idea. Sure, there were ideas like Oh, bring on Alchemist and the like, and when we thought about it : What about using Alchemist? What kind of weapons can they use? Of course, Yoshida gave numerous interviews after the game’s digital fanfest. He assured PC Gamer’s interviewer that there will be many additional locations in the game once Endwalkerv is finished, ranging from other places in the world that players haven’t explored yet to a trip to the past or future of the game world. Meanwhile, in an interview with Fanbyte, the team was asked about the possibility of dating various NPCs in the game, and Yoshida revealed that the team considered this possibility, but ultimately ruled it out because it interferes with the stories told about these characters. Watch the three interviews to learn more about the development, schedule and design. ViewSince Final Fantasy XIV was released in 2010, Naoki Yoshida has been the game’s Director and Producer. Yoshida is well known for knowing the ins and outs of the game’s development, and serves as a direct connection between the people who make the game and its users.. Read more about ffxiv xbox one and let us know what you think.

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