The Final Fantasy XIV community has been grieving the loss of their dear friend, Stephen Critchlow, who passed away on July 13th. In tribute to his memory, players have been memorializing him in various ways from creating a new character named after him, to leaving flowers and candles at his virtual grave.

The edmont de fortemps voice actor is a voice actor that has been the voice of Count Edmont de Fortemps in Final Fantasy XIV since 2014. Stephen Critchlow passed away on September 22nd, 2018 and his friends and fans memorialized him with a statue created by Square Enix.


The Final Fantasy XIV community is in sorrow this week after the death of English actor Stephen Critchlow at the age of 54. Critchlow was well-known for his theater and television work, but MMO gamers will remember him as Count Edmont de Fortemps and the narrator for Heavensward in Final Fantasy XIV; MOP’s Chris Neal described him as a “masterful performer” who was “pretty much the emotional core for the Heavensward expansion.”

“After [the Count’s] bastard son died, [Critchlow] gave an extremely dramatic performance,” MOP FFXIV writer Eliot Lefebvre said. “When Edmont de Fortemps learned of Haurchefant’s death, he burst into tears. He attempts to keep his cool by talking about how proud he was of his kid, but suddenly he collapses due to the fact that his son has died. And [Critchlow] did a fantastic job with that, giving you a feel of how Ishgard works but yet not being your conventional guy of his station.”

The FFXIV community has been sitting for vigils this week across various servers as a sign of gratitude for Critchlow’s efforts. One of the actors even delivered a eulogy, stating that Critchlow’s acting “touched our hearts and spirits.” Hundreds of pictures from various vigils in the game may be seen on the tribute thread on Reddit:

In Brynhildr from Final Fantasy XIV, a memorial for Stephen Critchlow (Edmont de Fortemps) is taking place.

Critchlow had started a fundraising for the UK’s National Health Service charity before his death as a thank you for the treatment he’d gotten after a stroke. FFXIV gamers are now donating money to that in his honor.


The ffxiv haurchefant romance is a memorial for the voice actor Stephen Critchlow. He was the voice behind Count Edmont de Fortemps in Final Fantasy XIV, and died on September 7th, 2017.

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