The UK has been confirmed as the host country for Eurovision 2022. The event will be broadcast on BBC and ITV, with a new voting system to ensure more democratic participation in song choice.

Sam Ryder is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest, with a song that celebrates “destroying stigma”.

Eurovision 2022: Sam Ryder celebrates ‘destroying stigma’ after final

Scott Mills, Sam Ryder and Rylan Clark at Eurovision

It’s time to rejoice! (Image courtesy of @scott mills on Twitter)

Sam Ryder may not have won Eurovision 2022 for the United Kingdom, but he certainly wasn’t sad as he celebrated his stunning second place finish in the final.

The outcomes of this year’s tournament were tense to say the least, with Sam atop the scoreboard following the jury vote and seeming to be on the verge of a triumph.

The televote, however, indicated that Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra had won, with supporters hailing Sam as a “national hero” and demanding that he be knighted.

As comments praising the singer on his outstanding performance in the competition flooded Twitter, radio host Scott Mills released a video of himself behind the scenes with TV host Rylan Clark and the UK’s man of the moment, Sam himself.

Sam beamed from ear to ear as he excitedly gushed about ‘breaking the stigma’ as the three wrapped their arms around each other.

‘You just broke the stigma!’ Thank you everyone for your support. That adventure was wonderful, incredible, and fulfilling. I hope you had a good time!’ As shouts for the UK could be heard in the background, he remarked to the camera.

Rylan joined in the yelling towards the conclusion of the video, tugging Sam away as Scott blew a kiss at the camera.

Sam remarked it was ‘mission done’ after Eurovision ended in another video uploaded by Scott.

Sam discussed the stigma that tends to accompany Eurovision in the UK in an interview with before of the final, characterizing the negative attitude toward the tournament as “poison.”

‘I’d love it if we could just have a dialogue about that bad perception and how it’s been perpetuated, and how we’ve gotten to the point where it’s almost poisonous, where we feel Europe doesn’t like the UK,’ he added.

Sam Ryder at Eurovision

Sam is the pride of the United Kingdom (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

‘There are other nations, like as Norway, which has lost 11 times – God bless Norway – but they lack that. ‘Do you get what I’m saying?’

After the final, UK supporters praised Sam for his performance, while also applauding Ukraine on their victory.

Eurovision Song Contest (in English)

‘Well done @SamRyderMusic,’ Blue, who participated in Eurovision in 2011, remarked on Twitter. We are really proud of you, and we appreciate you carrying the flag for us.’

‘Well done #Ukraine 👏🏻 Brilliant stuff @SamRyderMusic … you took us to the left side of the leaderboard & showed us that maybe everyone doesn’t hate us as much as we thought 😂 #Eurovision,’ wrote news broadcaster Dan Walker.

Eurovision is broadcast live on iPlayer.

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Sam Ryder of the United Kingdom has been named a “national hero” after finishing second in Eurovision 2022, behind Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra.


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