In the future, as we collide with a global-scale disaster of devastating proportions, one which will threaten our very existence, only three countries are able to save humanity: America, Japan and Russia.

The “wargame 4” is an upcoming wargame that will be developed by Eugen Systems. The game is set to release on November 20th, 2020.

Eugen System Unveils WARNO As Its Upcoming World War 3

Eugen System Unveils WARNO As Its Upcoming World War 3 RTS

Eugen Systems, the publisher and producer of the Wargame series, has announced WARNO (Warning Order) as the title of their future World War 3 RTS gaming. The game, which will be released via Steam Early Access on January 20, 2022, examines a scenario in case the Cold War intensified rather than ended in 1989, with NATO and Warsaw Pact troops taking up arms.

WARNO’s Steam Early Access version will include two of the six planned playable factions – the US forces on the NATO side, and the Soviet Army on the Warsaw Pact side – as well as a multiplayer mode that supports 1v1 and 10v10 matches, as well as a Skirmish mode in which players can battle the AI alone or in co-op.

Eugen System Unveils WARNO As Its Upcoming World War 3 RTS

Eugen System Unveils WARNO As Its Upcoming World War 3 RTS

The final version of WARNO will have a lot more, such as East Germany joining the Warsaw Pact as a playable group, as well as West Germany, the United Kingdom, and France bolstering NATO’s strength.

For a total of 600+ units, each group will have its own roster ranging from “conscripts and main battle tanks to mobile SAM systems, self-propelled artillery, scout helicopters, attack aircraft, and quick interceptors.”

In addition to more concentrated scripted Operations, four turn-based strategic Army General campaigns are planned. 2v2 and 4v4 matches will also be supported in multiplayer.

The developer’s current objective is to “finish the fundamental scope of WARNO within 6 months,” then release the whole game after 6-8 months, assuming favorable player response. Once the early access period has ended, post-launch material is also in the works.

You can keep up with WARNO on Steam by following it and adding it to your wishlist, and you can watch tanks, helicopters, and artillery blow everything up in the game’s 80s-inspired reveal video below.

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