India is the fastest growing economy in the world, it’s one of those countries where everyone wants to go and see what all the hype is about. However, Indian students who come from poorer backgrounds are often unable to afford this dream because they have no funds for tuition fees or living expenses. So if you’re considering volunteering your time at an NGO that helps children in need please keep a few things in mind before getting involved with their lives.

The “best essay on poverty” is a simple essay that discusses the difficulties of living in poverty and how it affects children. The essay also provides some solutions to help improve the situation.

Essay Poverty In India For Students & Children In Simple English



Poverty is a major issue in India; it is a situation in which a person is unable to meet his basic needs due to a lack of funds. There are also some people who do not have any funds and must rely on natural resources for their survival; they walk the streets and eat food obtained from nature in the form of fruits, which is sometimes a back from the government.

Poverty manifests itself as a condition of severe poverty since they have no financial assistance and must labor hard to acquire money for their daily necessities. They also live a terrible existence.


People living in poverty do not have access to services or essential elements of life such as food, clothing, or shelter. They eat whatever food they can get and do not wear clothes; instead, they wrap cloth around themselves based on what they have and sometimes they wear clothes donated by others. They also do not have a shelter; instead, they sleep on the street or in the shade of trees.



There are various causes of poverty in India, but the most serious issue is the country’s growing population, with only a small percentage of the population being extremely wealthy, while the rest of the population is middle-class, with a large number of people living in poverty and fighting for basic necessities.


Unemployment is a major cause of poverty in India, since people do not have jobs where they may earn enough money to live comfortably. Agricultural is also considered to be difficult in India, but the Indian government has given different policies for conducting agriculture in India, which are helping those who wish to practice agriculture.

Another major cause of poverty in India is inflation, which occurs when food is available in small quantities and demand is strong, resulting in a rise in food prices to the point where everyday staples such as onion and tomato are priced so expensive that those living in poverty cannot afford to consume them. There are a large number of individuals who are born into poverty and die in poverty, which has a negative impact on India’s population as well as its morality.




Poverty has dangerous effects on the lives of small children and adults because they do not have proper health and are constantly in the form of patients as they face various diseases due to the unsanitary environment around them and also because they do not have the ability to go to a doctor and get medicine for their disease. However, there are various government hospitals where they can get medicine for their disease. Poverty also raises the crime rate because when individuals are bored and have nothing to do, they consider committing different crimes in order to get money. They have nothing to lose and may make money by committing crimes.

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essay on poverty in the world” is a term that has been used to describe the lack of resources and the inability to provide for one’s family. Poverty can be seen in many different ways, but it is mainly defined as not having enough food, money, or other basic necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the poverty in India essay?

A: This is an essay on poverty in India, the cultural and social effects it has had on the country.

What is poverty short essay?

A: Poverty is the state of being deprived of a certain material possession, such as food or clothing. Short essays are short pieces of writing that focus on specific topics.

What is poverty in India Short answer?

A: Poverty is a lack of money, or an inability to provide for ones material and social needs. It often affects those living in developing countries and areas with high concentrations of poverty in urban places. The causes of poverty are varied; however, they can generally be attributed to the unequal distribution of wealth that exists globally – not just between nations but also within them.

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