CV Raman was a research scientist and the first Indian to win Nobel Prize in Physics. He is famous for his invention of the Raman Effect, which he used to study molecular structure.

CV Raman is a Nobel Prize-winning Indian physicist who discovered the Raman Effect. The “cv raman facts” are some of the interesting things about him.

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Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, or CV Raman, was a famous physicist who was born in India. Cv Raman was born in the Tamilnadu city of Madras on November 7, 1888.

At the age of 13, he completed all of his examinations and subsequently received a scholarship to the school St Aloysius in Vishakhapatnam, where he studied for his F.A.exam.


After finishing high school, he moved to Madras, where his father worked as a mathematics teacher and was also an expert in physics.

In the year 1904, CV Raman completed all of his university examinations in the area of bachelor of arts, and not only did he pass, but he also placed first and was awarded a medal across the institution. Later, he completed his education and earned a master’s degree in science.

His Physics Career 


Cv Raman was a brilliant scientist who subsequently became a physics professor at a number of institutions. He began his study on our Indian scientific research center with the physics institute, where he created many things in the area of physics and subsequently published his journal on his physical talents, which he called the Raman effect.

cv Raman has clearly described the dispersion of light in this Raman effect. Raman was also awarded the Nobel Prize for his contributions to the field of light scattering via his publication, the Raman effect.

Later, he traveled to every state in India to promote his physics and mathematics courses.

While educating people all across India, he discovered that many of his pupils are capable of accomplishing things in physics similar to him.

As a result, he began to assist the student, and with the assistance of the student’s curriculum vitae, Raman developed a number of ideas. Raman also worked in the area of music, developing a number of transitional vibration theories based on music and physics.


His Achievements And Personal Life


CV Raman is married to Lokasundari and they have two kids together. Radhakrishnan, his second son, went on to become a famous radio astronomer.

In physics, he was awarded the Nobel Prize. To win the Nobel Prize in Physics, Cv Raman put forth a lot of effort during his career, proposing numerous ideas and discoveries in the field of physics.

He also established a number of thermal theories. His understanding of Physics was spread not only in India but also across the globe. In England, his knowledge of Physics was valued, and his teaching methods were copied by the English people.

Many of the items that were discovered in England using the CV Raman effect have been given the label CV Raman. Later, in 1954, the Bharat Ratna award was given to CV Rahman.

He subsequently discovered a slew of research institutions in India, including the Raman Institute and a slew of others. On November 21, 1970, CV Raman passed away.

At his last days, he was admitted to the hospital, but he desired to die in his research center, surrounded by his supporters, and on November 21, 1970, he breathed his last breath and died in his Institute center. CV Raman was a brilliant scientist and a national hero in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Raman effect essay?

A: Raman effect is a phenomenon in which the scattering of light from molecules and atoms creates patterns. The frequency of these scattered photons depends on their wavelength, with longer wavelengths causing more intense scattering.

Who was C.V. Raman Class 4?

A: C.V. Raman was a scientist and engineer who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930, making him one of only two people to win the prize twice (the other being Marie Curie). He is most known for his work on x-ray diffraction which led to many advancements in fields including chemistry, biology, geology and medicine.

Who is C.V. Raman for kids?

A: C.V. Raman was a physicist and an engineer who worked on the Manhattan Project, which is part of the United States nuclear weapons program during World War II.

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