Elder Scrolls Online has been a staple of the MMO genre for some time now. It was one of the first games to introduce segregated PvP and PvE servers, as well as introducing ESO Plus which added extra content with each DLC release. That being said, it looks like we might be in store for a major change soon if Zenimax Online’s latest announcement is any indication.

The “eso 2022 datamine” is a blog post by the Elder Scrolls Online team that outlines their plans for the future. The article laments extended datacenter hardware refreshes.

Elder Scrolls Online looks ahead to quarterly content cadence in 2022, laments extended datacenter hardware refreshes


Last night, Matt Firor of ZeniMax Online Studios sent a message to The Elder Scrolls Online’s community, updating them on the condition of the game, the team, and the MMO’s future for the “millions” of players that entered the game for the first time this year.

In particular, Firor claims that the objective for 2021 was to “right the ship a little when it came to significant update deployments,” and that ZOS was a success, particularly when contrasted to 2020. However, due to hardware shortages and supply chain concerns, datacenter hardware refreshes will continue and have been delayed. “To give you an indication of the magnitude of the problem, certain important hardware components will be delayed for a year, while the majority will be delayed for 3-5 months.” “We had hoped to finish this process this year, but it has taken significantly longer than we anticipated,” he writes. What about next year?

“As we look forward to 2022, we’ll keep doing what we do best: telling fantastic tales and keeping the ESO train rolling.” Our content strategy will be to hold off on major plots with ‘end of the world invasion’ themes for a while, instead focusing on a traditional ‘Elder Scrolls’ story of political intrigue and factional infighting, focusing on one of ESO’s playable races that has yet to receive a full cultural and historical analysis. You’ll have to wait until our annual January reveal show for further information. We’ll also maintain working on upgrading datacenter hardware as soon as we can, with the awareness that some of these things are beyond our control. As a consequence, you’ll have a more reliable platform experience. And, of course, with each update, we’ll continue to work on performance and stability improvements and changes.”

Firor is quick to point out that he’s prioritizing the team’s health, but it seems like we’ll be receiving the same quarterly material as in previous years: “We’ll continue to produce high-quality quarterly material and tell fantastic stories,” he adds, “but we may need to be a little more selective with how we concentrate our efforts this next year.” “We are doing well, ESO is doing well, and we will go on towards 2022,” he said. “However, we are fatigued and nervous, and I think everyone will agree that the thing we most want in 2022 is for the world to return to normal.” Listen, listen, listen.


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The “elder scrolls online 2021” is a game that looks ahead to its quarterly content cadence in 2022. The game laments extended datacenter hardware refreshes.

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