There are many reports circulating the internet that Diablo 3 is not running well on Windows 10/11. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive fix for these problems, and hopefully succesfully walk you through troubleshooting if this doesn’t work.

This is a guide for troubleshooting the “diablo 3 keeps crashing on startup” issue. The article will provide solutions for fixing the problem, and also provide some tips to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Diablo 3 issues on Windows 10/11 [Full Guide to Fix Them]


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Date last updated: May 12, 2022

Date published: March 2020

  • Diablo is perhaps one of the most well-known action RPG series ever produced by Blizzard. There are millions of fans all throughout the globe, with some still playing Diablo 1 and 2.
  • Although Diablo 3 has reached the end of its development cycle and most bugs have been resolved, some users are still experiencing difficulties operating the game.
  • We aim to address most game bugs and deliver patches as fast as possible since we like gaming. Our game troubleshooting section is always available to assist you.
  • If you’re having problems with your Blizzard games or the launcher, our Blizzard support page may help.



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On the Windows platform, the Diablo series is perhaps one of the most well-known action RPG games. Many Windows 10 users like Diablo 3, but game does have some drawbacks on the operating system, which we’ll discuss today.

How can I fix Diablo 3 issues on Windows 10?

  1. Diablo 3 has crashed.
  2. Freezing in Diablo 3
  3. Diablo 3’s black screen
  4. No visual card for Diablo 3 is supported.
  5. In Diablo 3, the mouse cannot be moved in fullscreen mode.
  6. Diablo 3’s cinematics aren’t working.
  7. Diablo 3 game files are being updated.

Diablo 3 has crashed.

1. Make that your drivers are current.

  1. Type Device Manager by pressing Windows Key + S. Diablo-3-issues-on-Windows-1011-Full-Guide-to-Fix
  2. Expand Display Adapters in the Device Manager.
  3. Select Update Driver from the context menu of your GPU. 1652379755_316_Diablo-3-issues-on-Windows-1011-Full-Guide-to-Fix
  4. Allow Windows to complete the update procedure.

Because outdated video drivers might cause Diablo 3 crashes, we highly advise you to upgrade your drivers first if you’re having problems with the game.

To automatically download all of the outdated drivers on your PC, we suggest utilizing a specialized driver updater program. This application can assist you avoid losing files and causing lasting harm to your computer by downloading and installing the incorrect driver versions.

2. Enable power-saving mode in BattleNet and Diablo 3.

Few people say that configuring both the game and the BattleNet client to run in power saving mode from Catalyst Control Center addressed the crashing problems with Diablo 3.

This method has been reported to be useful by users, so give it a go.

3. Modify the AMD Catalyst Control Options

Make sure Diablo 3 isn’t running before attempting this approach. Do the following if Diablo 3 is closed:

  1. Open the AMD Catalyst Control Center application.
  2. Select Gaming, then 3D Application Settings.
  3. Set Supersampling as the Anti-aliasing Method.
  4. Morphological Filtering should be turned off.
  5. Override application settings in Tessellation Mode.
  6. Start Diablo 3 after saving your modifications.

4. Disable the water/tar pit effect.

Diablo 3 crashes, according to some users, are caused by the water/tar pit effect. Start Diablo 3 and deactivate these effects from the settings menu to remedy the issue.

5. Turn EVGA Precision X off.

EVGA Precision X is a graphics card overclocking tool that may help you improve your PC’s performance.

You may want to read our post on the best overclocking software for Windows 10 if you want to learn more about this program and overclocking in general.

Although overclocking tools might improve PC speed, they can sometimes cause instability in specific games, such as Diablo 3.

Users highly advise turning off EVGA Precision X when playing Diablo 3 to solve Diablo 3 problems. If you must use Precision X, make sure you are using the most recent version; however, if the most recent version is causing you issues, try the earlier version.

Freezing in Diablo 3

1. Reduce the quality of your graphics

In some cases, Freezing in Diablo 3 can be caused by your graphics settings, so in order to fix it, you’ll need to lower the texture quality.

Users have claimed that decreasing the texture quality to Low resolves the problem. Even while low-resolution graphics won’t look great, your game should function without stalling.

Additionally, third-party game booster software may be used to eliminate freezes, crashes, lags, low FPS, and other difficulties when playing.

Obtain Kill Ping

2. Modify the settings for Timeout Detection and Recovery.

TDR stands for Timeout Detection and Recovery, and it is in control of your graphic card driver. This option has its own value, and if your graphics card does not reply within the specified time limit, the graphic card driver will reset.

Because this might cause Diablo 3 to freeze, let’s try changing the TDR number. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Enter regedit by pressing Windows Key + R. Press or click OK.1633506355_291_PFN-LIST-CORRUPT-Blue-Screen-error-in-Windows-10-FIXED
  2. Navigate to the following key in the left pane once Registry Editor has opened:
    • HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEM CurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers
  3. On the right pane, right-click the empty space and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value if you’re using the 32-bit operating system. If you’re using the 64-bit version of Windows select QWORD (64-bit) from the list. 1646901797_426_Fix-AMD-Driver-Crash-on-Windows-10
  4. TdrDelay should be the name of the new value, and it should be double-clicked to view its properties.
  5. To save your changes, type in 8 and click OK. 1646901797_661_Fix-AMD-Driver-Crash-on-Windows-10
  6. To implement changes, close Registry Editor and restart your computer.

3. Alter the Power Options

Because your power settings might cause Diablo 3 to freeze, we recommend that you alter them to remedy the problem. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter Power Options by pressing Windows Key + S. From the menu, choose Power Options. Disappearing-files-and-folders-in-Windows-10
  2. Locate your current power plan in the Power Options box and click Change plan options. 1637684718_276_Windows-10-randomly-freezes-FIX
  3. Change advanced power settings by clicking on it. 1637684720_763_Windows-10-randomly-freezes-FIX
  4. Locate and expand the PCI Express section.
  5. Set Link State Power Management to Off by expanding it. 1652379758_379_Diablo-3-issues-on-Windows-1011-Full-Guide-to-Fix
  6. To save your changes, click Apply and OK.

Fix for Diablo 3’s black screen

1. Modify the D3Prefs file and play in windowed mode.

Users suggest changing the D3Prefs file if you’re experiencing problems with the Diablo 3 black screen. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the Diablo 3 Documents folder. The D3Prefs file should be visible. Open it.
  2. Change the value of DisplayModeWindowMode from 0 to 1. Change it from 0 to 2 to run the game in windowed fullscreen mode, according to some users.
  3. Save your modifications and reBegin the game.

2. Set the maximum frame rate to 60.

Users believe that increasing the maximum foreground frame rate to 60 cures the black screen problem. To do this, take these steps:

  1. Toggle the game to windowed mode. See the previous solution for instructions.
  2. Go to Graphic options after starting the game.
  3. Set the foreground’s maximum frame rate to 60.
  4. Check to see whether the problem has been addressed.

Some users believe that increasing the maximum frame rate to 60 would allow you to play the game in fullscreen mode again, so give it a go.

You may also alter this value directly from the Diablo 3 configuration file. Check out the previous solution to learn how to access the Diablo 3 configuration file.

Once you’ve opened D3Prefs file, find the MaxForegroundFPS line and set its value to 60. Save your modifications and reBegin the game.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. Your system may be partly broken if you’re having problems repairing an error. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

3. Switch to compatibility mode and play the game.

Users claim that configuring Diablo 3 and the Diablo 3 Launcher to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode would cure the black screen difficulties. Simply follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Locate and right-click the Diablo 3 shortcut. From the menu, choose Properties. 1618926365_478_Disappearing-files-and-folders-in-Windows-10
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab after the Diablo 3 Properties box has opened.
  3. Check Select Windows 7 from the list of choices when running this software in compatibility mode. 1638465045_136_Payday-2-problems-on-Windows-10-Not-Launching-Crash
  4. Try running the game again after clicking Apply and OK.

You’ll need to perform the same procedures for Diablo 3 Launcher once you’ve configured Diablo 3 to operate in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

4. Turn on Vsync

A few people say that turning on Vsync will cure Diablo 3 black screen difficulties. Simply follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Open the Diablo 3 folder in the Documents folder. The D3Prefs file should be accessible. Open it.
  2. Change the value of the Vsync line from 0 to 1.
  3. Save your modifications and reBegin the game.

5. Remove the files atiumd64.dll and atiumdag.dll.

A few people claimed that removing the files atiumd64.dll and atiumdag.dll from the Diablo 3 directory cured their black screen difficulties.

To be safe, make duplicates of these files and store them someplace secure in case you need them.

6. Reset user preferences

Resetting user preferences might help with black screen difficulties. Simply follow the procedures below to do this:

  1. Open Diablo 3 preloader and choose Options > Game Settings.
  2. Select Reset User Preferences.
  3. Begin the game.

No visual card for Diablo 3 is supported.

1. On your keyboard, press Esc.

You can see an error message saying “Video card not supported” while attempting to run Diablo 3. If your video card does not fulfill the hardware requirements, this notice will show.

Fortunately, you may bypass this problem warning by typing Esc on your keyboard, which will automatically launch the game client.

Keep in mind that even if you can run the game, you will get terrible performance since your graphics card isn’t supported.

2. Change the D3Prefs file

Users say that changing the D3Prefs file would solve the “Video card not supported error message” problem message that appears while running Diablo 3. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the D3Prefs file in the DocumentsDiablo 3 folder.
  2. Change the value of the HardwareClass “0” line to “1.”
  3. Change the value of DisableTrilinearFiltering “0” to “1”.
  4. Save your modifications and restart the game.

In Diablo 3, the mouse cannot be moved in fullscreen mode.

1. On high DPI settings, disable display scaling.

Diablo 3 has a variety of difficulties with high DPI settings, one of which being mouse troubles. It is recommended that you deactivate Display scaling to resolve this problem. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Choose Properties from the menu when right-clicking the Diablo 3 shortcut.
  2. Check Disable display scaling on high DPI settings under the Compatibility tab. 1652379759_641_Diablo-3-issues-on-Windows-1011-Full-Guide-to-Fix

Cinematics from Diablo 3 are not playing.

1. Change the D3Prefs file

If the Diablo 3 cinematics aren’t playing or are missing from the cinematics menu, you’ll need to adjust a few variables in the D3Prefs file. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. D3Prefs is located in the DocumentsDiablo 3 folder.
  2. Replace the lines PlayedCutscene with the following:
    • Cutscene0 “15” played
    • Cutscene1 “15” was played.
    • Cutscene2 “15” was played.
    • Cutscene3 “15” was played.
  3. Save changes and Check to see whether the problem has been addressed.

Diablo 3 game files are being updated.

1. Turn off your antivirus program.

In some cases, you might get stuck with the “Updating game files” message due to your antivirus or firewall. In order to fix this issue, it’s advised that you temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall and Check to see whether the problem has been addressed.

If the problem remains, right-click the launcher and choose Run as administrator from the menu.

2. Turn off any network adapters that aren’t in use.

Blizzard Agent may try to utilize a network adapter that isn’t your default, resulting in you being stopped at the “Updating game files” page.

You’ll need to deactivate any network adapters that aren’t in use to remedy this problem. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Enter Network and Sharing by pressing Windows Key + S. From the list of options, choose Network and Sharing Center. 1652379759_621_Diablo-3-issues-on-Windows-1011-Full-Guide-to-Fix
  2. When Network and Sharing Center appears, on the left, click Change adapter settings. 1652379760_220_Diablo-3-issues-on-Windows-1011-Full-Guide-to-Fix
  3. Locate the network adapter you’re not using right now, right-click it, and choose Disable from the menu. 1647357267_195_Windows-10-cant-connect-to-this-network-Comprehensive-Fix
  4. Except for the one you’re presently using, repeat the preceding step for all network adapters.
  5. Start should be able to update when you’ve done that.

3. Modify and delete Agent files

You may need to remove and edit Agent files if you get stuck upgrading game files. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the Battle.netAgent folder in Program Files.
  2. Locate and remove Agent.exe.
  3. Change p2penable: true to p2penable: false in Agent.db.
  4. Save your modifications and restart the game.

Diablo 3 is a fantastic game, but as you can see, it has some problems on Windows 10.

Check out the finest Windows 10 RPG games to play right now if you like action RPG games. Also, if you have any problems with your games, return to our site to look for answers.

What is your favorite RPG game of all time? Leave your response, as well as any other Diablo 3-related questions, in the comments area below.

Is Diablo 3 compatible with Windows 11?

Yes! We tried all of the above options and were able to get it to operate on the most recent version of Windows 11, as well.

1651212673_668_Amazon-Appstore-not-working-in-Windows-11-4-ways-to Still experiencing difficulties? Use this tool to fix them:

  1. Download this PC Repair Tool (download starts on this page).
  2. To detect Windows faults that may be causing PC difficulties, click Start Scan.
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