Von Miller’s future with the Denver Broncos is uncertain as he enters a contract year. The linebacker was asked about his thoughts on possibly being traded or released from the team and said that if this is to be his final season, he would be at peace with it.

Von Miller’s wife, Ashley Miller, said that he is at peace if this is his final year with the Denver Broncos.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Von Miller, a linebacker for the Denver Broncos, reported for his 11th season on Tuesday, and although he has always wanted to be a “Bronco for life,” he says he wants to play for many more years and is “at peace” if it means going someplace else.

“I’d want to continue playing. I’m completely at ease with it, whether it’s here with the Denver Broncos or elsewhere “Miller made the remarks when the Broncos’ senior players arrived to training camp on Tuesday. “I believe I stated a few weeks ago that I want to play for another five to seven years.”

Miller is the Broncos’ longest-serving player, having joined the club as a first-round selection in 2011. In March, the Broncos exercised his contract option for the 2021 season, the last year of a six-year, $114.5 million deal he signed in 2016, just months after winning Super Bowl 50 MVP.

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He turned 32 in March, is set to become a parent, and has said that he wants to keep playing so that his future kid may watch him play. Miller said he’s taking a more relaxed attitude this time around, despite his desire to end his career with the Broncos, after fretting about his future for much of the summer of 2020.

“I’m not really thinking about the fact that this is my final year of contract, or whether or not I’ll be with the Broncos,” Miller said. “To be honest, it was on my mind a lot last year. I truly wanted to be here, I really wanted to be here. I’d want to spend the remainder of my career here, but getting beyond that is a welcome relief.”

Miller had put in a lot of effort in the summer in 2020, hoping to put his eight-sack season in 2019 behind him and help the Broncos break their postseason drought, but he suffered a season-ending ankle injury days before the season start and did not participate in a game. In 2019, he had the fewest sacks since 2013, when he had five.

Miller is expected to have another strong year in 2021, according to Broncos coach Vic Fangio, and general manager George Paton said taking up Miller’s option was an easy choice. “We wanted Von to be a Bronco,” Paton said earlier this year. “He’s going to have a Pro Bowl-type season.”

Miller said Tuesday that sitting out last year “truly helped me feel at peace.” “There is a big difference between being at peace and being satisfied. I believe you can be at peace with whatever occurs, but you still want to lead the league in sacks, win Defensive Player of the Year, and all the other nonsense, but I’m OK with whatever happens.”

Miller is the Broncos’ all-time sack leader with 106 in 135 career games, and he begins the 2021 season as the league’s active sack leader, five ahead of J.J. Watt.

Since Miller is gone for the 2020 season and Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb is out for the most of the 2019 season due to a knee injury, Miller is optimistic about what the two can do in the defense this year. Last season, Chubb was selected to his first Pro Bowl.

In addition, Miller and Chubb have combined for 29.5 sacks in their 20 games together.

“He seems to be ready to go, and I am as well; this might be the one… I’m looking forward to seeing what Bradley and I can accomplish together “Miller said.

“I’m in fantastic shape… I’m still doing the same workouts and lifting the same weights as those guys.” Later, Miller added. “I’d want to play for another five to seven years, if not longer. I’m not going to put a figure on it because if it’s less, it’s less. I’m at ease since I’ve been in the league for a long time. I’ve been in the league for 11 years, and each year after that is a real gift. I’d want to play for a long time.”

Von Miller is a linebacker for the Denver Broncos and has been in the NFL since 2011. He is known for his speed, athleticism, and power. Reference: von miller workout video.

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