Some residents of the town have argued that using racial slurs in the show is offensive. The show’s creators, however, say they are not responsible for what people watch and need to be allowed to use whatever language they want.

Little Britain Linda Flint

Viewers have been angered by the inclusion of a Linda Flint scene (Picture: )

Following viewer concerns, the has defended its choice to feature a character in Little Britain who expresses antiquated biases.

The Matt Lucas and David Walliams comedy was re-released on iPlayer earlier this month after its writers made tweaks to ‘better represent changes in the cultural environment’ since it initially aired 20 years ago.

However, viewers have remarked that Linda Flint, a university counselor who insults students despite their being directly in front of her, continues to appear.

‘Um, how can I characterize him?’ the character asks about an east Asian guy in one moment. He had straight black hair, yellowish complexion, and a faint soy sauce odor.’

Many, understandably, were offended by the scene’s inclusion, with one commenting, ‘Typical.’ Asian people face racism every day in the form of jokes, and they find it difficult to speak out because of scenarios like these that normalize the humour.

Little Britain

The scenario has been widely panned (Picture: )

‘I think changes in the cultural environment to safeguard and respect all of us will have to wait.’

Another wrote, ‘Saying times have changed isn’t an excuse like I truly don’t know how this program was allowed to be shown,’ echoing a similar feeling.

The, on the other hand, has decided to maintain the scenario.

In a statement, the stated, “All jokes in our work are assessed on context and purpose.”

So, although Matt Lucas and David Walliams removed the blackface from Little Britain to “reflect changes in the cultural world” (and get it back on iPlayer), this has remained in the TM„

March 16, 2022, Anita Singh (@anitathetweeter)

Typical. Asian people are subjected to racism in the form of jokes on a daily basis, and they find it difficult to speak out because of scenarios like these that normalize the humour. I suppose we’ll have to wait for changes in the cultural environment to safeguard and respect us all. @iPlayer

March 18, 2022 — Bally Singh (@putasinghonit)

I honestly don’t know how this program was allowed to broadcast and saying †times have changedâ€TM isn’t an excuse.

March 17, 2022 — lucas (@ lucasmjt)

‘The sketches in which the character Linda Flint makes a reference to the appearance or race of a group of people are meant to expose and mock some of the outdated prejudices and racism that still exist in parts of British society, which is more apparent when viewing the sketches as part of a full episode and across the series as a whole.

‘The broadcast is part of the’s comedy archive, and notice regarding the presence of discriminatory language is supplied for iPlayer viewers.’

Little Britain

Last year, Little Britain was deleted from a number of streaming providers (Picture: Getty)

Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter rallies, Little Britain was pulled from a number of platforms, including Netflix and BritBox.

It has been chastised for using blackface make-up in several of the skits.

‘Little Britain has been made accessible to fans on iPlayer after modifications made to the series by Matt and David that better represent the changes in the cultural environment over the previous 20 years since the program was initially created,’ a spokeswoman said of its reintroduction to the service.

David Walliams is a British author who has written a number of children’s books

Both Lucas and Walliams have already apologized for their use of blackface on the show, which debuted as a radio show in 2000 before becoming a television series on between 2003 and 2007, starting their individual careers.

‘Once again, we want to make it clear that it was wrong; we are extremely sorry,’ they wrote in a joint statement on Twitter in June 2020.

On iPlayer, you can watch Little Britain online.

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