For techies, this is a big deal. The Consumer Technology Association believes that virtual assistants will be the best way to boost consumer spending in 2017. They are expecting a surge in use of the tech, especially as the time we spend looking at screens continues to fall.

The world of virtual assistants is getting more crowded every day, thanks to the good folks at Microsoft, Amazon and Google. And while each device has its own unique way of doing things, they are starting to merge. The latest proof of this is the announcement that Cortana and Alexa will work seamlessly together, along with their respective voice-activated assistants.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is where all the devices in your home interact with one another to automate your life. The technology is still new, but it’s getting easier and easier every day to get your home connected to the Internet.

We’ve all heard of different virtual assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant from Google, Apple’s Siri and even Samsung’s Bixby. However, the consensus is that the best virtual assistant right now is Google Assistant. But that doesn’t mean other help is bad. It’s just that Google Assistant has a lot more advantages than the others. But today we learn that several of these assistants will soon be working together.

As part of this new initiative, you will be able to call multiple assistants on the same device. This means that your dream of using multiple assistants like Cortana, Alexa and others on one device will soon become a reality. However, it should be noted that Apple, Google and Samsung have not joined the initiative. Microsoft and Amazon have already joined the initiative. This means that if you can’t use Google Assistant and Siri anymore, you can use Alexa and Cortana.

Selon le communiqué de presse d’Amazon, l’initiative s’articulera autour de quatre axes principaux :

  • Develop voice services that can work seamlessly with other services while protecting customer privacy and security.
  • Create voice-activated devices that promote choice and flexibility through multiple, simultaneous wake-up calls.
  • Publication of technologies and solutions that enable the integration of multiple voice services into a single product.
  • Accelerate research on machine learning and conversational AI to improve the reach, quality and interoperability of voice services.

According to Amazon, this initiative is based on the shared belief that voice services should work seamlessly together on a single device and that voice-enabled products should be designed to support multiple simultaneous alarms.

Google did not join the initiative, but said it had only recently learned about it and needed to study the details. In general, however, we are always interested in participating in events that are supported by a broad ecosystem and that support strong privacy and security practices.Virtual assistants like Cortana, Alexa and Siri are fueled by artificial intelligence and given their own personalities. And as the technology keeps evolving, so do the assistants and their abilities.. Read more about alexa vs siri 2020 and let us know what you think.

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