In the latest update for City of Heroes, the team behind the game has implemented a variety of changes to improve gameplay. The most notable change is that players will now be able to earn more rewards by completing certain tasks.

The city of heroes rebirth server status is a blog post that discusses the changes to City of Heroes. These changes include new powersets and rewards for players.


We have some new information from the City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server. Paths to Power, the game’s second issue, was released yesterday, after the first issue’s release in April, which included a new Guardian archetype among other features.

Much of this patch’s emphasis is on increasing rewards for a range of playstyles, as the issue’s title suggests: Vendor costs for Reward Merit have been reduced; rewards for a variety of endgame activities have been improved; new Inspirations, such as Dual Inspirations or Team Inspirations, can drop when performing certain activities (and some can even be traded); and Super Pack reward drops have been increased, among other things.

The addition of five new powersets for Guardians and Dominators, including Ninja Assault, Infiltrator Training, and Water Assault, is another highlight of the release. In addition, the Guardian archetype now has new Archetype Origin Enhancements, as well as a slew of new aesthetic elements in character creation, including asymmetrical tights for females, integrated tights, and a slew of new power customization choices. In summary, Rebirth gamers will find much to explore.


The city of heroes homecoming is a new update that was released by the City of Heroes team. It has various rewards, and also adds new powersets for characters.

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