Take everything you love about wearing Chuck Taylors. Everything. And then take everything you love about wearing Marky Ramone’s shoes. Everything. Then take everything you loved about wearing both in the same awesome-looking shoe. And then take everything you loved about wearing that awesome-looking shoe, but with the addition of some actual cushioning under your feet. ::::

For those who don’t know, Chuck Taylor All-Wah-Wah is the most popular Chuck Taylor shoe in the world. What is it about this shoe that makes it so iconic? Mainly the all-wah-wah sound that it makes when you step into it. It also has a hole in the heel so you can grind in the streets.

They’re the shoes that were once worn by rocker/hippie/rockstar/legend Chuck Taylor, and in a landmark case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that in order to be a distinctive trademark, a mark must be known by the public as “distinctive”. The symbol that was once known as the “All-Wah” was bought by Converse for $25 million in 2006 and has become so important to the company that a Chuck Taylor All Wah “mini-collection” is now available. The company says that the shoes are worn by celebrities and athletes alike, with some celebrities wearing multiple pairs every day.

They can then walk to the gym with your legs. word-image-12290 (Source: thesposhlife.wordpress.com) Converse’s Chuck Taylors were the most popular sneakers of their time and were embraced by punks and music fans alike, making them a classic yet rebellious walking shoe. Although now the flagship shoe of fauxpunk, Chuck Taylor takes on the legitimacy of rock in the wearable market. Working with smart clothing company Cutecircuit, they built a guitarist’s wah-wah pedal into the soul of the shoe. That’s deep, isn’t it? What we love about these boots, aside from the fact that they’re cool, is that they represent everything wearable devices could become, or already have become. Unobtrusive wearables are already running among us, like Levi’s trucker jacket. With All-wah, you could leave your session, do squats in the gym and then come back to finish the shot without changing shoes. To complete the outfit, all you need is a shirt that can be used as an electric guitar. (If you crowdsource my idea, I get 15% after launch). The Chuck Taylor All-wah offers wired and wireless, wireless charging and pure analog sound, whatever that may be. Let’s see. Wired or wireless word-image-12291 (Source: guitarworld.com) Bluetooth low energy means exactly what you think it means. These kicks use a type of Bluetooth that uses less power than your dad’s Bluetooth devices. This means the battery will last longer. This does not mean that you should use a wireless connection. For traditionalists: When using a shoe as a guitar pedal, you can connect it in the same way as a normal pedal. The difference is that there is no pedal, so guitarists can move around the stage to set the WOW-WOW without having to drag a pedal behind them. The most modern guitarists can use the Bluetooth function. Then they are completely free to go where they want and stop to wah-wah along the way. So the arrival of wireless wahs added to the Chucks gives them back some of their virtues as sneakers. You could say Chuck Taylor turned his reputation around by helping rock stars stay active. Wireless charging word-image-12292 (Source: cutecircuit.com) All-wah comes with a small square box that contains most of the device’s technology. When the shoe is plugged into the socket, a wire is connected to this box. The shoe only collects tactile data, but the magic is in the box. If a musician wants to walk unbound, the box is where the shoes are inserted. This is a Bluetooth receiver. But wait, there’s more. The box also includes a shoe charging station. Only one of the pairs works as a shoe, so you just need to load it up. Just place the shoe on the box and it does the rest. Pure analogue audio word-image-4605 (Source: centerpointaudio.com) However, this is probably not necessary as most sound recordings today are recorded digitally, mixed digitally and then played back digitally. All-wah preserves the analog guitar sound as it was originally created. It’s hard to agree with this idea, because capturing, sending and receiving pedal information via Bluetooth is nothing short of digital. I really don’t understand how they can make such a statement, since they replaced the original potentiometer (called a poti; in this case, a small knob in a real wah-wah pedal) with a digital potentiometer, which they explain in their demonstration video [below]. We don’t want to leave too many music geeks out in the cold, but it seems that once a signal is received, it is completely digital from that point on. However, the Cutecircuit team lists pure analog as one of its pillars. In the end, if he makes good music, who cares? word-image-12293 (Source: atlasstoked.com) To me, the most interesting thing is that they look like regular Chucks. They could be labeled as all Wahs, but as it stands, they’re all Chuck Taylors. Unfortunately, none of the Ramones would have been caught dead in a shoe as widely accepted as the Chuck Taylor, let alone one that was as much of a convention as it was worn. You, on the other hand, love kitsch. They like to collect shoes. When they finally go on sale, buy a few. Rocks.For all you Chuck Taylor fans out there (this is a shoe we all know and love), the All-Wah-Wah has been getting a lot of love. It’s a simple shoe, but the wah pedal adds so much depth to your sound and makes you more… well… musical. But the best part of an All-Wah-Wah? You can rock it with any music genre, from punk to rock to jazz to hip-hop to metal to disco, and it will never sound cheesy. The All-Wah-Wah has been constantly in fashion throughout the years, and seems to have a lot of life left in it.. Read more about converse shoes women’s and let us know what you think.

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