Chronicles of Elyria is a new MMO being developed under the name by the game’s creator, Andrew Meggs. They recently put up an early version of the game in playable alpha form for anybody who wanted to try it out. The game is freely available at their website.

We all want to know what the game world of Chronicles of Elyria will look like, and we are looking forward to meeting the characters that inhabit it. However, we do not want to see them in a game world that is merely a set of pre-generated tiles, so we will be running through our own game world to show you the way Chronicles of Elyria will look and feel in the future.

The Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) is a skill-based, multi-faceted, interactive story game being developed by the team over at Sky in a Box. In this new alpha build of CoE, players are sent to the kingdoms of Elyria on a quest to raise an army of men, women, and children to defend their home!

word-image-3347 Work continues on the Chronicles of Elyria Kingdoms of Elyriaspin-off, according to the latest blog from the developers at Soulbound Studios. The studio has catalogued everything that has been achieved – and not achieved – from the second milestone. Specifically, Soulbound claims to be able to implement plans to introduce ambient and UI sound effects, temporarily add Chronicles of Elyria music, introduce new NPC and animal types, and improve biodiversity. Many of these bits were imported from Chronicles of Elyria. But all was not well. We encountered technical problems with the dynamic AI system that cost us a lot of time, says Soulbound. As a result, we have not made significant progress in transitioning from the CoE contract system and implementing the new contract user interface. Currently there is no contracting system in region KBOE. The fog of war function has also been deprogrammed. The studio also said they hope to fix the alpha invite issues this week, so if you’re a Elyria backer and still want to test, keep an eye out for that and also the video below. I will run the game and show step by step what works and what doesn’t. This is done both to allow those who do not participate in the alpha tests to track our progress and to determine the expectations of those who do participate in the alpha tests. We’ve only done about 25% of the work on KoE, and we don’t want people to expect the game to be finished. Chronicles of Elyria stunned MMO players in 2020 when it was announced that the company was running out of money, laying off developers, closing Soulbound Studios, and shutting down development of the game. Although CEO Jeromy Walsh pushed back, saying the game was still in production with volunteers, players who had raised more than $14 million to support the game sued. In 2021 Walsh released new videos about the production he says is underway, although the focus was on the spin-off game Kingdoms of Elyria. Read more: ViewChronicles of Elyria is a huge game, but a lot of people are still wondering how it’s going to be released. Alongside the release of the Alpha 1.0, we’re going to be bringing the game to much more people by making it easier to become a backer of the game. The Chronicles of Elyria Alpha 1.0 is going to be released in a number of different ways.. Read more about settlers of elyria and let us know what you think.

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