Many people are probably familiar with the phrase “travel essentials,” in which case you may be wondering what Casey Wilson considers to be a must-have for her travels. Here is our list of 10 travel essentials that she has on hand when going anywhere from Europe to Hawaii!

Casey Wilson’s 10 favorite travel essentials you need for your next trip.

Casey Wilson’s 10 favorite travel essentials you need for your next trip

Casey Wilson is what you’d get if you blended sunshine and joy with a dash of sarcasm and bottled it into human form. “The Wreckage of My Presence,” a collection of essays by the actor, writer, and “Real Housewives” anthropologist, was a surprise blockbuster book in May 2021. Her intrinsic ability to laugh at herself without being precious about it is her secret sauce.

“I’m a people person. Wilson adds, “I want to be out among the people morning, noon, and night.”

It can come out as corny. When Wilson says it, though, it does not. Wilson, who is now promoting her collaboration with Hellmann’s new spicy mayonnaise dressing, manages to make even that strange ad pleasant, if not outright entertaining.

“I’ve been granted a designation,” she explains, “the spicy ambassador.” “Did you ever imagine I’d be an ambassador?” Nobody came close. But once you hear it, you’ll understand. You know it’s accurate. I’m merely an advocate who wants to help folks spice up and enjoy their life.”

Wilson travels a lot to meet new people. Both in her day job and when she and her co-creator Danielle Schneider take their podcast “Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown” on the road. So she gave us the dirt on all the stuff she’s acquired to make travel not just bearable, but delightful — from her go-to eye mask to her favorite carry-on baggage.

“I try to keep it appearing like I accomplished something,” she adds of her travel philosophy. “Everything about me is a lot of trying to accomplish something that seems to be one thing but is really rather lazy.” We’ve here to help. Wilson’s travel essentials include the following items.

$48 at Lunya


When Wilson is in the air, she wants to zone out — and zen out. For her, it means investing on a very inexpensive but luxurious silk eye mask. “My favorite is a face mask,” she adds. “And it’s Lunya’s one – it’s an obsession.” Things go odd if I don’t have it.” It has a 100 percent silk surface and may be used as a headband for your bedtime beauty regimen without causing your hair to wrinkle.

$349.95 at Amazon $199.99

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Wilson never leaves the house without these headphones, which feature a battery life of up to 22 hours and true adaptive noise cancellation that actively blocks outside noise while still providing superior sound. “I have an entire setup with my Beats noise-canceling headphones,” she says. I have my Lunya. Of course, I have my gossip magazines, so I put on the mask and read them, just to pass out with the mags all over me,” she explains. To filter out the sound of your snoring seat mate, a nearby screaming infant, or the loud hum of an airline engine, a decent set of noise-canceling headphones is an important element of every traveler’s wardrobe.

$199.99 at B&H

Samsonite Mobile Office Bag

Some people choose fashionable carry-on backpacks with all of the gadgets. Wilson, on the other hand, chooses this large, stylish, and sturdy backpack from a legendary travel brand. “I did acquire this Samsonite suitcase, but it’s not a gigantic one or a carry-on.” It resembles a large, old-school briefcase. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s unbreakable yet not massive, so I’ve gotten fascinated with it,” she adds.

$84 at Vuori

Halo Wide-Leg Flare Pant

Wilson wants to appear sophisticated while traveling without sacrificing comfort. So she’s hooked on these trousers that don’t feel like pants at all. “I wear these all the time – they’re called Vuori,” she explains. They aren’t your typical sweatpants. Instead, they’re made of a soft fabric with a wide leg and a slightly raised fit across the waist and hips.

Sephora: $65


Wilson never leaves the house without a product that is adored by celebs and makeup professionals alike for its immaculate finish. Wilson adds, “I’m really dedicated to my Armani Luminous Foundation.” In a 1-ounce jar, the foundation comes in 40 hues and is the ideal size to throw in your favorite travel cosmetic bag and carry through airport security.

Sephora is $15.


Wilson doesn’t have the time or patience to apply layers of eye makeup or create a sophisticated smoky eye as a working mom, particularly while she’s traveling. “[Kosas] has a product called 10-second eyeshadow that you apply to your lids and smudge.” Done. “That has really changed my life,” she adds. It comes in six neutral hues and is ideal for adding a gloss to any outfit.

Sephora: $34


Wilson is all about multi-tasking items, including cosmetics. She adds, “I adore the Ilia Multi-Stick.” “I’m wearing blush and lipstick.” I like anything that allows me to work in many areas.” The Ilia Multi-Stick may be used on the cheeks and lips to brighten and give your complexion a dazzling look.

Amazon’s price is $38.95.

EltaMD UV Restore SPF 40 Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer

Wilson, like most adults, applies sunblock wherever she goes. She’s particularly fond of EltaMD SPF, a mineral-based, non-greasy, and ultra-lightweight sunscreen suitable for daily use. “Elta sunscreen with the moisture in it is my obsession – it’s not chalky,” she explains. It’s a tinted face sunscreen with no aroma and is made entirely of minerals.

$195 at Staud

Staud Dana Dress

You want to arrive at your destination looking put-together, but you don’t want a luggage full of wrinkled outfits. Wilson likes the Staud color block dresses because they’re lovely and easy to throw on once you get to your location. “I’ve been really like those Staud dresses because they can go into your suitcase crumpled and yet look quite nice,” Wilson explains. The Staud midi dress comes in five various color combinations, allowing you to choose one that best matches you – and your destination.

Amazon has items starting at $34


Wilson says she normally wears these Birkenstock EVA shoes as her travel shoe of choice when she travels. They come in 35 various colors and designs and are waterproof, washable, and lightweight. They’re also really comfortable and simple to put on and take off. She continues, “I bought these new Birkenstocks that are sort of rubbery and purple, but they’re really comfy.”

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