With the recent discovery of a new spyware app, Whatsapp users are being warned to be careful about what they say.

The how do i know if someone is reading my whatsapp messages from another device is a question that many people have. There are several steps you can take to protect your chat and messages from hackers and spy apps.

make whatsapp safe When news breaks that it is feasible to spy on a smartphone using spyware installed after a phone conversation, it creates a lot of buzz. According to the website Hackernews, Whatsapp recently patched a serious vulnerability that allowed attackers to remotely install spy malware (called Pegasus) on some “selected” smartphones (in the sense that they were specific targets, not surprisingly) simply by calling their phone numbers using the Whatsapp audio call function. This Whatsapp vulnerability has now been addressed in the most recent version of the software, and all users are encouraged to upgrade.


Because Whatsapp is so essential and popular, knowing how to use it to secure your smartphone from spy software, viruses, and, in particular, to prevent chats from being read by others, particularly those close to us, is crucial (wives, husbands, boyfriends or friends). It should also be highlighted that people with access to the phone may spy on Whatsapp with a little deception, taking advantage of a person’s negligence. Those who wish to spy on conversations may easily arrange themselves not only to read talks over the phone, but also to read any future messages sent and received without the victim’s knowledge.



Whatsapp spying

Spying on Whatsapp is therefore conceivable, just as spying on the data of any smartphone is feasible remotely. To do so, however, spyware or a simple and innocent phone spy software must be installed on the target phone, which may be readily discovered by searching on Google. For example, commercial applications to control other (non-free) phones that don’t need root access on Android or a jailbreak on iPhone include:

  • MSPY
  • iKeyMonitor
  • SpyMyPhone
  • XNSpy
  • TrackMyPhone
  • Spyzie
  • Flexispy

Their unique feature is that they hide on the system after installation, allowing them to send data remotely to the person who installed them. Another example is a well-known anti-theft software like Cerberus, which is free for a week and enables you to monitor the victim’s phone remotely without any issues. There are even more sophisticated methods that enable you to spy on a phone and even Whatsapp without downloading anything on the target smartphone, but only a few very skilled individuals may be able to put them into practice successfully (for example by cloning the Mac Address of the phone to spy on can access his Whatsapp account from his mobile phone).

Spyware, hackers, and spy applications are all threats to Whatsapp.

There are 15 ideas and techniques to know and implement, all or nearly according to requirements, to secure Whatsapp conversations and not be spied in any manner, without getting lost in needless precautions.

1) Keep the app up to date.

Nothing extra has to be done to safeguard Whatsapp conversations and messages, but it is critical that the software be constantly updated to the most recent version. To do so, make sure that the automatic update feature is turned on in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, respectively, on both Android and iPhone.

2) Only use the official Whatsapp app.

If you’re using Whatsapp via an unauthorized app, you should stop. Do not use Whatsapp Plus or Gold, or any other unauthorized software, since it may not be secure and easily steal user data, as reported a few years ago. Never use your Whatsapp account to access other apps for the same reasons.

3) Use two Whatsapp factors for verification.

This is without a doubt the most efficient method for securing Whatsapp and thwarting virtually any effort to hack or clone the SIM. This technique guarantees that no one else can install WhatsApp on your phone without the 6-digit secret code, which functions as a password. You just need to go to Settings> Account to enable two-step verification for your Whatsapp account.

4) Disable WhatsApp

You can prevent Whatsapp from limiting chat access if required. You will be prompted for an access code or password each time you open Whatsapp.

5) Keep your phone safe.

The phone must then be secured, with the screen locked to prevent unauthorized access, and the software (Android and iOS) updated to the most recent version. You may also use one of those Apps to restrict the launching of programs on Android for additional security, giving essential apps like Whatsapp or even the SMS app an extra layer of protection. Installing an antivirus software on Android that can identify spy applications and malware (although it will be worthless in the event of malware that utilizes Whatsapp’s bag, as occurred with the Pegasus spyware I described at the beginning of the post) is another option for those who are very careful.

6) Keep the SMS app safe.

It is feasible to register Whatsapp on another smartphone without using any hacking methods by just scanning the confirmation code obtained through SMS upon initial login. If a friend or family member who knows our phone number installs Whatsapp from the ground up and indicates that he wants to register it with our number, he must verify his identity by entering a code sent to the specified number through SMS. If this individual can read our SMS, he can confirm access to our Whatsapp account on his smartphone. As a result, the SMS app is critical for security.

7) Keep the backup Whatsapp account safe.

If you have an Android phone, Whatsapp stores your messages and discussions on Google Drive, and if you have an iPhone, it keeps them on iCloud. It goes without saying that anybody who has access to our Google Drive or iCloud account may view Whatsapp conversation backups and, as a result, take all of the data he wants (although he will still need to work on it as Whatsapp backups are encrypted).

8) Pay close attention to the instructions on how to use Whatsapp from the website.

The ability to talk on Whatsapp from a PC is extremely handy while using Whatsapp through the Internet, but it is also the application’s greatest weakness. To spy on another person’s Whatsapp from a website, take a minute to unlock his phone (for example, a friend who came to see us at home), open the Whatsapp web page on a PC, and enter by scanning the QR code with the person to check’s smartphone. It becomes possible to spy on every discussion and future chat without being detected until this person discovers that he has a Whatsapp web session open (now everytime Whatsapp web is active, a notification displays on the phone) or until this person opens Whatsapp himself from his PC.

That of Whatsapp web may also be an issue if you use a computer that isn’t ours or if we don’t simply go without disconnecting. To protect yourself from these dangers, never leave your phone unattended, use a screen lock, and only use Whatsapp Web from your own computer, which we know no one else has access to. Always remember to log out of the website if you use another computer. Obviously, keep an eye on the persistent notice that displays every time you use Whatsapp online with your account and never disable it.

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9) Limit who may see your profile picture.

The fact that you may send a message to anybody with a phone number has always been a major factor in WhatsApp’s development. The disadvantage of this function is that the profile picture becomes accessible to everyone, and it might even be used by someone we don’t know to clone or disguise themselves using our profile. It’s preferable to disable the profile picture from being displayed to everyone under settings> account> privacy.

The program in the phone’s Gallery also shows pictures received through Whatsapp, which are often deemed “inappropriate.” Fortunately, using a technique described in the tutorial on how to conceal Whatsapp pictures and videos from the Gallery, movies and photos sent and received in WhatsApp may be simply hidden from the gallery.

11) Be wary of frauds and false news that circulate on Whatsapp.

Because of its widespread use, Whatsapp has become a convenient conduit for frauds and false alerts. You may then get messages with unique offers and links that simply serve to infect your phone with malware. In the post about communications you wouldn’t believe, such as Whatsapp for a charge, we discussed this kind of fraud.

12) Hide conversations by archiving them.

Keeping the discussions on Whatsapp is a simple and practical way to prevent people who steal the phone from reading the most intimate talks. To remove a discussion from the main list and move it to the archived conversations, select it and click the button at the top of the archive. Scroll through the chat list until you reach the bottom to discover old and hidden discussions.

13) If your phone is lost or stolen, deactivate your Whatsapp account.

You must deactivate the SIM installed in a stolen or lost smartphone in order to ensure that Whatsapp is deactivated.

14) Do not use Whatsapp on a different device.

This is a minor one, but it’s still worth mentioning that Whatsapp should only be used on your phone and never on anybody else’s. As a result, if we don’t have our smartphone because it’s been forgotten or lost, it’s never a good idea to ask someone else to access your Whatsapp.

15) Hide the last access to Whatsapp

Despite the fact that this has nothing to do with the security of the Whatsapp account, concealing the most recent Whatsapp access from the Privacy settings deters stalkers and stops friends and acquaintances from monitoring our online activities. It’s nice to know that if we don’t enable people to view our most recent access, WhatsApp won’t let us know about their online activity, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

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Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that allows users to send messages and calls. However, Whatsapp can be vulnerable to hackers, spy apps, and people who want to use your phone number for their own purposes. Reference: how to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone android free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another device?

WhatsApp does not allow people to see your messages if you do not give them permission.

Can WhatsApp hackers see your messages?

No, WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be decrypted by hackers.

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