The Boston Celtics have a 3-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, but it’s not all smooth sailing. For one thing, they’re without their All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving and second best player Gordon Hayward. However, Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard may return to play at some point this series after sustaining an injury on April 27th against Philadelphia 76ers. The Nets are looking for more of a spark once they lost starting forward D’Angelo Russell who was traded last week to Brooklyn along with Brook Lopez and his contract acquired from Cleveland Cavaliers .

The “when will ben simmons play for the nets” is a question that has been on many people’s minds. Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets tweeted out that he was “very hopeful” to play in Game 4 against the Boston Celtics on Monday night.

Brooklyn Nets' Ben Simmons 'very hopeful' to play in Game 4 vs. the Boston Celtics on Monday night

NEW YORK (WABC) — Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets is still recovering from a back injury and is unlikely to play in Game 3 on Saturday against the Boston Celtics. However, he said it was “reasonable” to expect him to play in Game 4 on Monday if he gets through the next couple of days of workouts without incident, and he was “very hopeful” to play at some point in the series.

“It’s day to day,” Simmons said after practice on Friday. “So far, I’ve had a lot of wonderful days, which has helped me a lot in my preparation. So we’re just trying to string together those good days and keep working hard to go back on the court and play at a high level…. I’d be on the court right now if I could. So there you have it.”

Simmons said he’s had two or three scrimmage days and expects to have at least one more on Saturday, but he and Nets coach Steve Nash aren’t sure how much of an effect he’ll be able to make if he plays in this series.

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Simmons said, “We’ll find out.” “It’ll be a terrific test, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s very fun to play with these guys. My IQ is so good that I believe it’s a dream come true for me to play alongside players like Ky [Irving], Seth [Curry], and Kev [Durant]. I can tell how they play and how they want to play just by observing them. It’s wonderful for me to simply get everybody in their places and be a floor general. It’s something I’m looking forward to.”

Simmons hasn’t played for the Nets since being acquired from the Philadelphia 76ers shortly before the February trade deadline. He’s been out for more than two months with a herniated disk in his back and hasn’t played since a Game 7 defeat to the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference playoffs on June 20, 2021. During the summer, he requested a trade out of Philadelphia, claiming mental health problems.

When asked explicitly what Simmons should be expected to contribute once he returns, Nash was candid in his assessment, considering how much time he has lost.

“I’m not sure,” Nash said. “That is a question I am unable to answer. Is there anybody in this room who knows the answer? We’d want Ben to play, and we’d like him to attempt to play, but only when he’s ready. And if he isn’t, he isn’t. So we’re not just sitting here counting down the minutes till Ben returns. We want Ben to come in when he’s ready and wants to make a difference.”

When asked whether he would attempt to return if the Nets lost Game 3 and fell down 0-3 to the Celtics, Simmons declined, stating he didn’t want to debate “if’s.”

Simmons said he’s still working on his back strength, but he’s also had to work on his legs.

“When you get an injury like this, it affects your whole leg,” Simmons said. “So it’ll take some time to release these muscles and go back on the floor, but it’ll be on a case-by-case basis. So it’s daily therapy, pilates, exercises, and just staying on top of things.”

Simmons said it would be up to Nash and the rest of the coaching staff to determine how many minutes he would be allowed to play, but he remained upbeat about his ability to fit in with a team with whom he had yet to play a minute.

Simmons said, “I’ll fit in.” “It’s not anything I’m concerned about.”

The “ben simmons update today” is a news article that discusses the status of Ben Simmons, who is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets. The article states that he is “very hopeful” to play in Game 4 on Monday night.

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