The fourth season of the beloved Netflix series Stranger Things has taken over the top 10 on Rotten Tomatoes. With a 97% rating, it is currently ranked number 2 and will be in contention for quite some time after its release last month.

The “cobra kai season 4” is the latest episode of a popular Netflix series. The show has been in the top 10 for nearly two weeks and is still climbing.

Beloved Netflix Series Takes Over Top 10 After Season 4 Return

The Karate Kids are unstoppable. Since Netflix purchased Cobra Kai from YouTube in 2020, the critically praised Karate Kid sequel series has been a huge phenomenon. Cobra Kai has swiftly become the most popular title on Netflix each time new episodes have been released, a trend that will continue with the release of Season 4. Cobra Kai has taken over the Netflix Top 10 with the premiere of its new season, much to no one’s surprise.

On New Year’s Eve, the whole fourth season of Cobra Kai was published on Netflix. It’s evident that fans of Netflix’s martial arts dramedy opted to ring in 2022 by binge-watching the current batch of episodes. Cobra Kai has surpassed Don’t Look Up, The Lost Daughter, Emily in Paris, and The Witcher to take the top place on Sunday’s edition of the rotating Top 10 list.

New seasons of Netflix originals nearly typically do well when they premiere, and Cobra Kai easily outperformed its competitors. Given how successful the series has been in prior season premieres, it will be intriguing to see how long it can remain at the top of the charts.

The complete list of Sunday’s Netflix Top 10 may be seen below.

Cobra Kai is #1.

cobra-kai-netflix-season-3-1239217.jpg(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

“In this sequel to the Karate Kid movie, Johnny and Daniel’s animosity resurfaces decades after the tournament that altered their lives.”


2. You Shouldn’t Look Up

dont-look-up-leonardo-dicaprio-rotten-tomatomes.jpg(Image courtesy of NETFLIX)

“Two astronomers embark on a media tour to warn people of a planet-killing comet heading straight for Earth. A distracted world’s answer is, “Meh.””


3. The Daughter Who Got Away

“A woman’s relaxing beach vacation is turned upside down when her obsession with a young mother living at a neighboring villa triggers flashbacks from her past.”


The Witcher 4

the-witcher-season-2.png(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

“In a chaotic world where humans are frequently more evil than creatures, Geralt of Rivia, a mutant monster-hunter for hire, treks toward his destiny.”


5. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

“Grab a tissue box! An all-new Fab Five dish out hot suggestions, emotional makeovers, and profound revelations that make you feel everything.”


6. Maintain a close proximity

“When Carlton Flynn goes missing 17 years to the night after Stewart Green died, it causes a chain reaction in the lives of those who knew both men.”


Emily in Paris, number seven


“Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper enjoys her exciting new life while balancing work, friends, and romance after securing her dream position in Paris.”


8. The Mysterious Island (Journey No. 2)

“When his grandfather’s position on an unexplored island is pinpointed by a distress signal, young Sean Anderson joins up with an unusual ally: his stepfather.”


9. The Times Square Killer’s Crime Scene

“The ‘Torso Killer’ preys on ladies in 1970s New York City to satisfy his sick fetishes while escaping the cops. A docuseries that delves into the darkest corners of the criminal justice system.”


The Unforgivable No. 10

the-unforgivable-sandra-bullock.jpg(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

“A woman convicted of murder looks for the young sister she was forced to leave behind after being released from jail into a world that would not forgive her.”


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The “cobra kai season 4 all valley” is a beloved Netflix series that has taken over the top 10 after its return. The show is currently in its fourth season, and it has been met with mixed reviews from critics.

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