The buzz around Ohio State’s quarterback, who saw limited playing time this past season but is a highly touted prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft, has gone up significantly. Fans are so eager for him to leave that some have even offered their homes and cars as trade bait!

The “chicago bears rumors 2022” is a rumor that has been circulating the internet for a while. The Chicago Bears are said to be considering trading their quarterback, Justin Fields.

Bears QB Justin Fields Urged to Seek Trade By Conor Orr

Justin Fields

Getty After only one season with the Chicago Bears, Justin Fields is already the focus of trade speculations.

Justin Fields has only played one NFL season for the Chicago Bears, and according to one observer, that is enough.

Conor Orr wrote over Chicago’s offseason so far in his April 15 piece for Sports Illustrated, explaining why he believes the league needs an NCAA-style transfer gateway for Fields and other young players picked by terrible clubs.

When athletes in college choose to move institutions, they simply request that their names be included into the transfer portal, which they may quit at any time. Other schools may contact the player(s) via the site, providing them with fresh chances. Orr believes that’s exactly what Fields and the NFL need.

“Fields, or any other player in a less-than-ideal situation, should be given the opportunity to work with the NFLPA to request a different assignment,” Orr wrote. “This would force teams to maintain a more consistent competitive spirit, or, at the very least, be more open with their fan base about the path forward and offer promising players some sort of back-end protection.”

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Orr: Teams who are “poorly run” “deserve” to lose their players

The Bears have had one of the quieter offseasons among the NFL’s 32 teams, with new general manager Ryan Poles opting for low-key free agents like wideouts Equanimeous St. Brown and Byron Pringle, as well as offensive lineman Lucas Patrick and Dakota Dozier, over any of the more well-known players.

Fields has more reason than the other signal-callers in his draft class to be angry about his present predicament, according to Orr, because of how much he needs wide receivers and an offensive line to protect him.

Take a look at the rest of the quarterbacks from the 2021 class across the league. The Jets attempted to acquire Tyreek Hill via a trade. They landed one of the greatest free-agent tight ends on the market… They paid big bucks for a security guard. With one of their four top-40 choices, they’ll almost surely acquire offensive line assistance. The Jaguars paid a ridiculous amount of money to appease Trevor Lawrence, yet whether that money was effectively spent is debatable. The Patriots gave Mac Jones two new tight ends and two new wide outs last season. In Chicago, there seems to be a lack of encouraging and supportive conduct.

When questioned on Twitter, Orr didn’t argue, but he did say that he believed that clubs who are badly handled “deserve to lose their players.”

Sure, if we want to get rid of the draft, anything along those lines makes sense. The objective of the draft, though, is that clubs choose players, not the other way around. That is the primary distinction between high school and college.

April 15, 2022 — Johnathan Wood (@Johnathan Wood1)

That’s fantastic! Teams who are managed so badly deserve to lose their players. Relegation that isn’t officially sanctioned.

April 15, 2022 — Conor Orr (@ConorOrr)

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Bears Nation Reacts to Orr’s Departure

Orr did concede that the team’s current lack of game-changers is partly down to the former general manager, Ryan Pace, and he credited Poles with his cautious attitude this summer.

Orr noted, “Poles is doing what any competent general manager would do.” “He’s not throwing reckless cash at a problem.” He has no intention of foregoing future draft capital. In order to earn more cash, he is dealing away players like Khalil Mack. This is the greatest approach for Chicago as an organization going forward. “Not for the quarterback, however.”

Bears Nation, unsurprisingly, had a lot to say about the topic:

I believe this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

Free Agency is the name of the NFL Transfer Portal.

Also, the comments about Fields and the Bears are far off the point. QBs enhance play, and the Bears’ squad has to be rebuilt.

You’re the one who gets the quarterback first.

— April 15, 2022, The Irish Bears Show (@IrishBearsShow)

So the Bears are ripping down everything around Fields while keeping the three targets he threw to the most, improving at center, and acquiring a quick WR who can get open, all with an eye on the draft? Guys, come on.

April 15, 2022 — Jay Stueckemann (@JayStueckemann)

Many fans reminded Orr that when Fields was a rookie last year, the Bears had one of the worst passing offenses in the league under ex-coach Matt Nagy:

Because the skill surrounding Fields isn’t good enough, I’m not pushing for it. However, I don’t believe many people appreciate how horrible the play calling was last season and how important it was. That has to improve since it can’t possibly get much worse.

April 15, 2022 — Bears Blog Boy (@TommyK NFLDraft)

Others have pointed out that a lot relies on Fields:

Justin Fields has no control over anything but himself.

Josh Allen didn’t suddenly improve his processing and accuracy because of the wide receivers surrounding him.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

Whatever Fields has to work on, he can and should do it on his own.

— April 15, 2022, Dhruv Koul (@DhruvKoul)

Bryan Perez of the Draft Network similarly termed Orr’s report “far off”:

I don’t believe football journalists are paying enough attention to what’s going on with the #Bears right now. Over the past several weeks, it’s been “popular” to criticize the Bears and Justin Fields. On so many ways, this article is incorrect.

April 15, 2022 — Bryan Perez (@BryanPerezNFL)

Fields’ departure from Chicago is clearly controversial, and Poles and company have doubled down on Fields as their quarterback — but Orr reminded everyone that what coaches say and do are two very different things.

Someone summed up this essay by saying the Bears can’t go wrong with Fields since the head coach and general manager both declared, “Fields is our guy.” I have a plethora of press conferences to show you. There are around 300 of them from the last 20 years.

April 15, 2022 — Conor Orr (@ConorOrr)

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