The Battlefield 2042 update released, with the Patch Notes revealing a vast array of fixes and changes that should improve performance for all PC players. The Assault Rifle has been buffed to provide more utility in close-quarters combat, while the Revolver is now overshadowed by its new Kinetic Shotgun counterpart.

Battlefield 2042 Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed



Battlefield 2042 has received a new update. Update #3.2 includes a variety of bug fixes and stability improvements, as well as a few other modifications, such as revisions to Mastery and Weekly Missions. The next release, #3.3, will also contain a revamped Scoreboard, among other modifications.

The patch notes for the update say in part, “This update is part of our continuous commitment to address your input related to addressing problems and enhancing gameplay.” “We’ll follow up with another update focusing on Quality of Life enhancements in February,” says the spokesperson.

The #Battlefield2042 update #3.2 is now available on all platforms.

If you’ve been playing while we made the update available, you’ll need to restart your game to get it. Read the complete Update Notes:

— January 20, 2022, Battlefield Direct Communication (@BattlefieldComm)

The complete patch notes for Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2 can be found below, direct from the source:


  • A bug where quitting a party during matchmaking might cause the game to become sluggish has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to EA servers for the first time after creating a new account might fail.
  • During gaming, the quit button has been updated to return you to the relevant screen.
  • The loading music would cease playing during level loading, which was fixed.


  • Hits wouldn’t always register on various portions of Sundance’s hitbox after landing with the Wingsuit, which was an uncommon event.
  • Rubberbanding issues have been resolved while sprinting behind friendly players.
  • A rare bug that might have left you locked in both an alive and a downed loop has been fixed.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with ladder attachments that might have caused you to get stranded in a situation where you’d lose control of your Specialist or fly away.
  • Soldier movement speed was being hampered by surrounding explosions that generated craters.
  • When plummeting from very low heights, the camera shaking and landing noises will accidently activate.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons from a Loadout Crate would sometimes take ammunition from the weapon that was previously chosen.
  • Fixed an issue where being noticed while firing a weapon would keep you spotted for an excessive amount of time.


  • Added a slew of updates to enhance the game’s general stability.
  • Fixed a rendering-related problem that may occur while Sundance was visible on screen for AMD Radeon VII users.


  • Glints from sniper and SOFLAM scopes may now be seen from a greater distance.


  • While the driver’s turret rotated, the passenger guns would no longer be in sync, causing bullets to not register when shooting at adversaries.
  • M1A5, T28 – enhanced the effective range of the Canister Weapon Pod and decreased the dispersion.
  • Reduced Bullet Spread from 1.6 -> 1.1
  • Increased Damage Fall Off Distance from 35 -> 40

Hazard Zone on the Battlefield

  • When pressing quit at the level progress screen during the Hazard Zone end of round, a dark rectangle appeared on the screen.

Battlefield Portal is a game that takes place on a

  • After pressing Refresh in the Portal Server Browser, the Server Info tab now stays open.
  • When entering a Team Deathmatch game at the end of round sequence, the text would overlap.
  • The “IsInventorySlotActive” setting in the Rules Editor now appropriately handles melee weapons.
  • Spamming of some admin commands is no longer possible.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2 is now live, as previously stated. The video game is presently available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, among other platforms. All of our past coverage of the newest and best Battlefield video game can be found right here.

What are your thoughts on the most recent Battlefield 2042 update? Do you still play it on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to contact me personally on Twitter at @rollinbishop to discuss anything gaming-related!

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