The World is getting smaller every day, with more and more people migrating around the globe. But what happens when you travel to another country? What happens when the world gets smaller than your home country?

Your birthday may be the same day as a major astronomical event, and many astrologers will look at your date as a time to make significant changes and decisions.  Just remember you must act with caution, as the best time for a major life change may not be today!

As we all know, Astrology is one of the oldest forms of divination from the Sun, Moon and planets. It aims to predict the future based on the position of the heavenly bodies. Astrology is also known as Zodiac Sign Astrology, and it is a branch of astronomy. It is used to better understand the personality traits, and to forecast the future of a person by interpreting the positions of the planets in the horoscope.


Weekly Astrological Forecasts for All Signs 10. August 2020

Our astrologer, Elena.


word-image-4927 Write your own track Breaking the mould Request a new quote for This week, Aries, hold fast to those values. Above all, that deep inner understanding of what you are worth. It’s time to show those around you that you are not a lightweight, but a force to be reckoned with! Uranus retrograde in your money zone really wants you to stand up for these values. What you’re willing to sell yourself for and what not. Vesta entering your 5th indicates how you are perceived in relation to your gender. Especially when it comes to love and also, because it’s your children’s home, who and what does what in terms of parenting. Since your 5th point is creativity, and that includes performance, isn’t it time to ask yourself if you are being pigeonholed? Whether it’s personal, professional or just because of your gender?

Being a cool person takes courage

On the 13th, a tight angle forms between Mars in your sign and Pluto in your tenth sign of status and career. Again, it has to do with what I said about being pigeonholed to some degree. Maybe you should stand up for yourself when someone insists on limiting you or pigeonholing you. Especially if you didn’t choose it yourself. You’re lucky: If you keep your cool, the solution will manifest itself within a few days. The sun in your 5th. The angularity with your ruler now gives you fervent confidence and the ability to act or seek better solutions to any problems. The next day (16th), Venus forms in your 4th house. House and your emotional security a deeply inspiring angle with Ceres in your 12th house. House. Why is this so important? In mythology, Ceres was the mother-in-law of Pluto. These are deep, intuitive and also balanced changes brought about by love. This will help you strike a new deal in love or in any other relationship, whether at home, at work or on vacation. Are you lowering your self-esteem? Do you allow others to continue to underestimate you? Probably not this week, Aries. In a nutshell: This week is a chance to show others that you won’t be pigeonholed or underestimated. You can’t put lightning in a bottle. Or tell a tiger it’s a poodle. It’s time to be who you are, not what others say you should be, Aries.


word-image-4928 Staying ahead of change Make a new agreement between what you want to do and what the debt requires. Like Virgo, an earth sign, you appreciate the beauty of planning for the future. More importantly, a long-term weather forecast will allow you to do so. That’s astrology, Taurus. Weather prediction in the soul. This week the weather is blowing in a direction you might not have expected. But it is designed to carry you to freedom. This may require a word you don’t like – change. But a forecast means you are prepared for all eventualities.

House deity or life at the party?

Venus is in your 3rd house. and is in triangle with Ceres in your 11th house on the 16th. House, while Vesta goes to your 4th on the 12th. The house is coming in. On the one hand we have domestic obligations, on the other we need movement and communication. On the 16th, Uranus, the exciting planet and ruler of your 11th house, returns. House, in your first. The return of the house, and surprisingly (Uranus rules surprises, by the way!) this may put you in a mood to be shaken up. Uranus always wants to free us from something. And with Mars now in your 12th house. House, you may not have realized how stuck you were until it collided with Pluto in your zone of freedom on the 13th.

Mark your calendar

Accept that people are showing their true nature this week. And then you find out if it’s a Taurus team or not. And what to do if the Sun illuminates Mars on your 4th on the 15th. If life is cramped, this week will tell you to stand up and shake up the status quo. Uranus in your 1st. House wants you to grow, and this week gives you the tools to do so. Expect similar weather on the 9th. October and 20. December. Plan it now, Taurus. In a nutshell: It’s not that you’re against change. It’s just that you’re sorry you didn’t tell me before it happened. Astrology is there to give you that. Prepare yourself by knowing in advance the dates destined for your soul’s development!


word-image-4929 Know when (and how) to say no Modify the dialog box to change the transaction How you value yourself determines how you are valued in return. Someone might try to cross the line this week. You may be asked to show how confidently (and politely) you can ask them to stop. So let’s take a look at your word-of-mouth skills and at your friends, groups, clubs, societies, music groups, teams, alliances and extended social networks, both virtual and real, and how they might relate to them. Vesta in your third. The signs have to do with creating something – maybe behind the scenes somehow, and maybe not getting the recognition you deserve. Another scenario for Vesta in your 3rd. House takes you for granted or someone else tries to take credit for your hard work. Do you work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly? Or to make someone else look good? If so, maybe you should use the N-word here.

Good boundaries make good companions

Another option is to just say no to the other person’s requests. Or Ludacris Get back! which can’t be misconstrued. Don’t dismiss it and respond if necessary. The word no often commands respect, rather than being considered a doormat to be thrown on the floor. This week Mars is square Pluto in your 8th house, in your social sector. House. And remember that before the discovery of Pluto, this house was also the house where Mars ruled in your horoscope. Maybe someone just needs to be reminded where the boundaries are, that’s all.

Stick or olive branch?

You may not be aware of it, because Uranus is retrograde in your 12th house. The sign says. However, if you need to negotiate or repair a barrier, Venus is in 2nd trine with Ceres in your house of public perception, rewards and recognition. Venus rules diplomacy and balance. Ceres rules on compromise and collusion. So you have a stick if you need it. There’s also an olive branch this week, Gemini. Use one of these options if necessary. And remember, when Vesta and the Sun are in your 3rd house. House states that sometimes you just have to change the language to get what you want. With your mastery of words, you know which ones to use this week. In a nutshell: Sometimes we just have to draw the line. Or let someone know they stepped on it, Gemini. Don’t be afraid to tell them to stop if someone goes over the top. No is perhaps the strongest word we have.


word-image-4930 Undo the acid with the sweet love of Cancer. Take your time and don’t delay the conversation. Friends provide a much needed outlet This week, Cancer, your empathy may be called upon. And even for you, this can sometimes be a daunting task. It can feel like people just want to push you. Even your loved ones. Maybe you should count to three before answering to stay calm. But if anyone can do it, you can, Krebs. Venus seeks harmony and mutually beneficial solutions. Keep this in mind, as well as the fact that Venus is in your first house this week. The house is. On the 16th, Venus and Ceres enter the peaceful sign of Pisces, and thus your ninth sign. Build superior and diplomatic relationships and compromise when things don’t go as well as you’d like.

Countdown to cool-off

Vesta enters the 2nd position at 12th. Sign of Venus. For some of you, the cause of friction may be unequal pay or what is expected of you. But the emotional square between Mars in your career and status zone on the 10th and Pluto in your partnership zone on the 13th is the real source of this bitterness. This can apply to both your boss and yourself. And since this is your open enemies house, the person you love to hate. If you feel the situation is about to explode, count to 48 if you can. And by that I mean 48 hours. If the energy of a personal relationship needs to change, focus on friendships or networking. Give each other a break, then come back, kiss and make up.

Do not delay call

However, taking a break is not the same as withdrawing completely. We all know how you react, Cancer, when you get hurt. Please don’t stay in your shell and beat yourself into silence over grievances, real or imagined. Relax, then come back and take charge. Be honest about how you feel and acknowledge that this is your reaction. Be prepared that the other party may not want it to be seen that way. If you don’t do it right, you’ll create problems for yourself next year. Tensions will ease on the 15th, when the Sun forms a triangle with Mars. From the 16th, Uranus goes retrograde in its ruling sign, offering you an outlet through others or even an innovative idea to rebalance your love power. While the 16th brings a Venus/Cerus peace current. At this point, you should have found your balance. Press reset and restore love. In short,: This week, Cancer, you need to keep your cool, even in a relationship with a loved one, which may test your patience. Friends can give you a break. But don’t let that put you off and don’t talk about makeup.


word-image-4931 Solutions to problems appear and don’t disappear If you can move on, that doesn’t mean you should. Breakthroughs happen when you hold on Dealing with someone or something that won’t go away. You may feel like you’re playing Kill the Mole. For example, you think the problem is solved, then it pops up again. The good news – because it’s birthday season again, and what more could you want? – is that this week we’re offering you the solution you’ve been looking for for so long.

Wait another day – or two

Vesta enters your 1st on the 12th. Characters. It’s a matter of what you keep in you, in a very Wilson Phillips way. Hum along to the song: Just one more day. A Mars/Pluto square on the 13th could lead to a reversal. But it has to happen now.

Get a new exit strategy for this turn and problem turn.

Unlike other signs, you have the Sun as ruler in the first house. House. So if the problem comes up, call 15. Your Mars triangle rules the solution or exit in your 9th. Not everyone has your edge right now, Leo! Uranus joins the other outer planets moving slowly into a retro party from the 16th in your career sector, so look for opportunities to innovate to capitalize on what you have accomplished so far. It is also the planet of innovation. If you’ve played dodgeball with a mole, you might find a new way to crush it.

Back to same page

Venus in your sector of supreme love and inspiration is in triangle with Ceres in your house of general things and transformation. So your decision can literally rewrite the terms of the agreement between you and the other person, promise a solution, or just get you out of a stubborn impasse. Hold on, Leo! In a nutshell: Put it through the wringer? Don’t you see a way out? Discover new ways to stop the merry-go-round when it comes to a question. A higher path opens up for you, which can be beneficial to both of you, Leo.


word-image-4932 The truth has a permanent glow The revolution of love calls Change the shape of the universe to fit your new cycle. Dive into your inner knowledge this week when it comes to solving problems. And know that synchronicity and intelligence work together, Virgo. Of course, the answers may not make complete sense. But the results speak for themselves.

Waiting your turn

Vesta with the sun in your 12th house. Houses are both eternal flames and glimpses of truth. It is a matter of waiting, observing and only acting at the right moment. Mars is the former ruler of your 8th house. House, Pluto is the modern ruler. This week Mars is in your 8th house. Square Pluto in your 5th house. Think plutonium. Something that restores matter to an atomic level. Your 8th controls life, death, rebirth, our desires, and yes, sex. Money is also shared. So expect turmoil around one of them, several of them or a combination of them. An upheaval that will change your world.

Rebuild your world

They can be lovers, children, babies and teenagers. It can literally make the ground move under your feet. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. If this happens, make sure things calm down, because the Sun is in your 12th house. House then forms a triangle with Mars. Again, I will show you the truth behind these changes. Uranus is always trying to free us up for new experiences of evolution and love. Especially in your 9th and especially in retrograde when it is strongest. What’s happened since the 15th? Again, you quickly see what it really is: an opportunity in disguise.

Gaining new experience of living together

A new beginning in love could follow, as Venus is in your 11th house. Triangle with Ceres in your partnership area. If you’ve met someone new, you may feel like there’s new potential in the relationship that you didn’t see before. Settler can only conclude that a couple who take the time to play will stick together. Sometimes you have to start over to make things better. This is a week for Virgo to do that. Don’t just invoke love. Repeat with a new look. In a nutshell: Put aside the facts and follow your instincts. It doesn’t have to be logical – it’s the results that count. This week, that feeling will turn into facts you can believe, Virgo.


word-image-4933 Make a new love treaty Plus one, your new superpower Values shape your future This week, Libra, changes in contracts and agreements between you and someone else are inevitable. So accept it and be okay with it. The more universal your worldview, the easier it will be. Especially if that is a new step or a new beginning.

Embracing the power of people

Vesta’s entry in your 11th century. The signs can draw attention to a particular group of friends or others with whom you share a common experience. You all feel the same way, and don’t be surprised if any of the changes are due to a movement or the power of the people.

Soul values are the building blocks of love

On a personal note, Mars is warming up in your 7th house. House, on the other hand, ignites things or brings them to a boil. Which one? This could apply to those with whom you live, work or collaborate, as the square between him and Pluto in your 4th house is favorable. The house on the 13th indicates tension and the need to find a way out of an impasse. The drivers of change are in your 16. School at work, and the decision you make in this regard depends largely on your own value system. What you are willing to give up and what you would not give up for any money. This is due to the retrograde of Uranus which has been in another sign of Taurus since the 16th, ruled by Venus, who is in your eighth sign. It’s an inevitable part of all this. And this is the Sun, who will either help you or show you a new path when he forms a trine with Mars in your 11th on the 15th. The ruler Venus always wants you in your 10th house. The house is rising. The angle with Ceres in your house of responsibilities and well-being suggests a compromise that suits both parties. But only if you don’t feel like you’ve lost something irreplaceable. For example, your soul. Know the difference between selling and making a profit this week, Libra. In a nutshell: It’s time for a new kind of win/win, Libra. They always strive to find a compromise and a balance. More T&Cs may be needed this week. Don’t be afraid to offer them up – in the name of love, of course!


word-image-4934 Give a little to get more Stay cool. Self-control is the only control you really have. This week your two rulers – the ancient and the modern – are closely linked, and as a result something is going to happen, Scorpio! Energy can lead you to exceptional experiences or accomplishments. Or it could just explode and leave mud that needs to be cleaned up. They want to live, not half live, so when in doubt, postpone. And don’t forget it: Sometimes temporary drug rehab is the best strategy. Vesta enters your 10th on the 12th. Signs of status and success. For some of you, what upsets you may have to do with an important issue related to power or an authoritarian figure. And how you are treated or seen. You’ll have to keep your cool if you have to deal with the system or even your boss or a difficult client this week. Stick to the facts. Avoid anger and emotions in any of these areas.

Be Cool

The words of someone or news you hear can literally make you see red, because Mars and Pluto meet on the 13th. Their two leaders are fighting for power and control. Who has the real power? A person who controls their emotions or reactions. It’s you. Go to your inner depths when someone or something makes you angry. It’s so cool there, despite both of you rulers being connected to the underworld. That’s your cool factor, Scorpio. And let me tell you, if you use it, you are a force to be reckoned with. A nice trine of the Sun to Mars from the 10th to the 15th improves your mood. Just watch out for Uranus retrograde in your partnership sector starting on the 16th. Your needs change into what you desire from any type of partnership. If so, be honest about it. Venus rules your 7th, but is actually in your 9th. The intention to smooth things over and the love spoon all have to do with home and security. It forms a triangle with Ceres in your 5th on the 16th. Sign of love, sweet love. Something to give, but now it’s give and take back! This can lead to peace, and love will reign again. Stay calm this week, Scorpio. Even if others lose theirs! In a nutshell: Sometimes we have to give a little back. And get a lot more in return. Something has to change this week, Scorpio. Make sure your gifts come from the heart.

Magnetic switch

Respect these values Only the brave win the love A time of freedom without fear It would be too easy to say that all the excitement this week has to do with your money. Of course, on some level, this may be a feature of Saga. But if you really want to get to the bottom of it, it’s about your self-worth and how much you value that freedom. Let’s talk about Mars, which is now in your 5th house. House. It inspires passion, confidence and action. He needs a way out. Now, in your fifth. House of Beloved, this should give you an important clue on how to channel Mars. It’s also the home of what you like to do, not who does it. Hobbies, pastimes, talents that you need to manifest are all in the 5th house. You have Pluto in your second house. House with Jupiter as ruler. Pluto rules money and power. Billionaires. Banks. Hidden Values. Plutocrats.

Removing uncertainties

It also controls our fears. And here we come back to self-evaluation. The feeling of not being good enough. Worthy. We settle for what is offered to us rather than what we deserve, because deep down we think that if we don’t take what is offered to us, we will end up with nothing. Of course we all have to compromise. But you can do too much. And when we do, we are dissatisfied and feel useless. Uranus in your 6th house. House will make you think about the long-term consequences of too much compromise. His demotion this week can make you say: That’s enough.

Free your soul

So choose the option that reflects your self-worth or satisfies your soul without compromising your values, Sag. And don’t forget it: Freedom is the most important thing to you. A square between Mars and Pluto this week could keep you from making peace. And don’t forget it: If the energy of Mars can’t make love, it goes the other way! The Sun remains in your sector of freedom and forms an angle with Mars on the 15th. Venus, that’s your 2nd. Home, your bank account, your love life, and yes, even the ruler of your values, forms a trine with Ceres this week – and you are free. In a nutshell: It’s Braveheart week, Sag! This week is not for wimps. Stick to what’s most important to you. And put aside any fear of not being good enough. Only the brave conquer this important freedom in love.


word-image-4935 Share this experience Destroy your love goals Stay blissfully happy! You’ve worked so hard to reach a deeper level of love, Capricorn. Understand your needs and assume a genuine desire to know what is on the other person’s mind.

How deep is your love?

You have discovered levels of connection that you probably didn’t know existed until Pluto and Saturn, your ruler, joined forces in your sign. You weren’t afraid to peel away the layers of dirt that might have stood between you and the connection you now know you want. Here’s the thing: When you do the work, you know how satisfying it is. And you want to share your discoveries and benefits with your loved ones. It is your generous nature that many astrologers overlook. But what if the other party does not have this experience? Maybe they’re not ready to go that far yet, Capricorn? Your quiet good nature and ability to be tolerant may be put to the test this week when Mars is in your 4th house. House (where he is NOT a welcome guest) a close conjunction with Pluto in your 1st house. This can be followed by domestic disturbances, but also by another kind of disturbance – in the professional or working sphere. You have resources to draw from. First, Venus is in the 7th sign of your horoscope in triangle with Ceres, the planet of compromise in your 3rd in the area of communication. But the other side must meet you halfway, at least because of Uranus, which is in your 5th house. the character moves in the opposite direction.

Breathing is the new victory

Take a deep breath and postpone important negotiations if you think you might lose your temper in a particular situation. This week is also not a good week to argue with someone in a high position. Trust me, the only thing that will happen is that you will pass out while breastfeeding! Vesta in your 8th. The 12th house is about discovering where you really have power. And how to use it to your advantage. While the angle between the sun in your 8th house is very small, the angle between the sun in your 8th house is very small. If the 2nd house and Mars can make a difference on the 15th and break an impasse, tensions can be released. The buzz of the week? As you evolve and grow, the people you love don’t necessarily follow you. Try a little tolerance, Capricorn. It is better to be happy and healthy than to be right. This is the best thing that can give you a deep insight into your soul. In a nutshell: Perhaps you, Capricorn, are an example of the evolution of love. But not everyone grew up with you. Growth means tolerance when we are challenged. But the conversation brings you back into line.


word-image-4936 Hey, Johnny. What are you rebelling against? What’s wrong with you? If there’s one line from a movie that sums up your life this week, Aquarius, it’s the 1953 film classic Savage, starring the immortal Marlon Brando as the eponymous protagonist, Johnny. After all, you are the sign of a rebel, a wanderer, an individualist. You are a rebel and a savage, but unlike the quote above – you need a reason. Vision. Otherwise, let’s face it, Aquarius. You have so many better things to focus on than wasting that energy on unworthy activities! First, Uranus does a flip-flop in your 4th on the 16th. Pay attention to the business in your area – buying, selling, renting, leasing real estate. Your family, your roommate, your landlord, your Airbnb guests. Move, move, move suddenly, or even yes, if you think you’re going to move and you realize you’re not, stay put. Relocations, radical changes, upheavals and uprooting. That sense of belonging is broken, but it’s for a reason. To make you feel more confident and grounded. And find your base.

Preparing for revolutionary change

Unexpected news can dominate the week and make you want to step in and determine the course of events. That’s because Mars is in your 3rd house. Square with Pluto in your 12th. Pluto represents power and Capricorn and your 12th represent people at the top. Mars, in its dominant sign, Aries, is synonymous with individual action and self-assertion. So, yes. Maybe you’re rebelling against something. Maybe it’s even a big deal in the big world, and you feel the need to stand up to the man, as they said in the sixties. Especially since Vesta is in your 7th this week. The house is.

Don’t think too much of love

But when it comes to personal relationships, you have to be careful not to throw the kids out with the water. And that you can agree to disagree. Is that all you got? They’re looking for something to rebel against. With Venus in your 6th house. Home should be about feelings, not thoughts. It doesn’t have to be logical or meet a mental checklist. It just has to be right. Follow your heart, not your head, and look for what is right, not what is wrong, as Venus is in conjunction with Ceres in the 2nd on the 16th. Other factors that help you are the great trine of the Sun in your 7th with Mars on the 15th. Communication and passion can flow again between you and your loved one. And now you can see that you were on the same page at the end. If you must rebel this week, make sure your revolution is in the name of love. In a nutshell: You can lead a new age revolution, Aquarius. But make sure that what you are rebelling against is a worthy goal. Sometimes quitting in the name of love is the greatest possible revolution.


word-image-4937 Focus and dedication bring integrity and well-being Color within the lines Love and other opportunities come unexpectedly Focus. Dedication. Clarity. These are the words that come to mind when you think of Vesta in your 6th chapter. Think of home. It is the home of duty, responsibility and routine. Vesta also stands for following the rules set by someone else.

This week – Play by the rules of

Now, we can’t help but talk about Covid and its current limitations when it comes to anything related to your 6th grader. House. Because it’s your home for health and wellness. They have sun here too, and it’s great. And Mercury, who rules your sixth position, is also very direct right now. Good, too. But with Mars in second place. Sign and Pluto in the 11th house. This is a sign of social contact and teamwork, but not the week to rebel against rules or restrictions.

Translating these values of love

Show the world how much you value yourself and others by following the rules. They are one of the few signs for whom this week can be very rewarding, while the rest of the zodiac is busy with a big cosmic celebration. Let them do it, fish. Play by the rules, make no mistakes, and the two major trines that follow the opposition of Mars and Pluto on the 13th can be beneficial to your work and/or well-being. Thanks to the Sun’s trine with Mars on the 15th and Venus’ trine with Ceres in your 1st. House at 16. In fact, where others see only the looming signs of prohibition, you see only the green light and the opportunities to make things better for yourself – and for those you care about. Love can be found in unusual places, as can the next big idea thanks to Uranus being in your 3rd house. This week, Pisces, you have a new perspective on the world. I hope next week the rest of us will see things from your perspective. In the meantime, enjoy being a visionary. And stay focused! In a nutshell: Hey, well done! The only way to win this week is to play by the rules. In almost all areas, Pisces. Where others see limitations, you see possibilities. So play it safe to win, fish. To view the weekly video on astrology, click here.In the next week, important planetary transits will occur in your natal chart and solar return. Make sure you are prepared with the most up-to-date information before you explore the path to your next step in life.. Read more about horoscope weekly and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rising sign for August 10th?

Here is the latest astrological forecast for August 10th. It is based on the chart for the date, and the rising sign for the day. This means that the astrological forecast for August 10th in 2020 will be based on the rising sign for the day. The Rising Sign for August 10th is Aries, which is known for being relatively outgoing and energetic. It’s the sign that starts new endeavors, and tends to be the most imaginative of all the signs. It is also most likely to be a winner, which means that the Aries Rising person will feel very confident about his chances of winning. They also tend to have a lot of drive and determination, which is why they are so successful in the business world.

Which zodiac sign will be the luckiest in 2020?

The Zodiac is based on the movement of the Earth through the sky. The Earth is in its own orbit—which is called precession—it spins slower and slower, from once every 26,000 years, to now, it takes 248,000 years for the Earth to complete one full cycle. If you follow the Zodiac in the manner that the Babylonians did, where the sky is divided into 24 sections, every two months the Sun passes through one of these sections, you will see that it does not stay in one place for long. And this is because the Earth wobbles. The astrological sign of a given year can indicate the traits that a person will possess at that time. When it comes to the zodiac sign of 2020, what traits can a person born under this sign expect to possess? Let’s have a look at the astrological traits of all the signs of the zodiac.

Is 2020 a bad year for Leo?

The reading for the week of August 12, 2020, is: The Planet of Leo, the mythic leader of the Lion, is in good aspect to the Moon, Venus and Mercury. This is a grand time to make plans, be proactive and take charge—but you must exercise caution and ask for help if you can’t do it on your own. Leo is a fixed sign—the only one in the Zodiac—and it’s a lucky one. It’s great for finding your true love and making significant career moves. Leo’s moon, the Hunter, is a bit of a freak, though, for it is also a perceptive influence. It is also a planet that can cloud one’s mind. Leo is going to have a lot of great things to look forward to in 2020, but it won’t always be easy. Keep your eyes peeled for any changes that could disrupt your life.

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