I owned an Asus Vivo V272UA-AB71 (1920×1080 Full HD IPS screen) for a year or so, and it was fantastic! I loved the fact that it was an all-in-one device that had a quad core CPU (similar to an Intel i5), google assistant, a stylus and all the accessories you might need. However, I eventually decided to go with a Surface Pro 4 for a couple of reasons:

The Vivo V272UA is an ultrabook that is at home in both an office and a study with a wide range of ports. It’s also an interesting web-surfing machine. Our review unit is one of the higher-end versions of the device, but it’s still a lot of fun to use.

The Vivo V272UA-AIO is a well-rounded budget laptop that offers solid performance, great battery life, and a bright 4K display. It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD. The AMD chipset is well supported by Asus’ software, so you will have a lot of options for tweaking the system’s performance.

AIO Asus Vivo V272UA

US 1+


Score for Value for Money


Score for Specifications and Features



  • Display with a high resolution.
  • It has a relatively small footprint.
  • A touch screen is included with the display.
  • The sound system is very sophisticated.
  • It includes a high-definition webcam.


  • There is no dedicated graphics card on the device.
  • There is no SSD drive.
  • The cooling system isn’t very sophisticated.
  • When performing any CPU-intensive activities in it, customers may experience some temperature problems.
  • There aren’t many USB ports on the AIO.

Review and pricing of the Asus Vivo V272UA AIO. ASUS has established itself as a reliable desktop maker in recent years. Prebuilt tower PCs, AIOs, and laptops are available.

This company’s AIO is one of their best-selling products. The large, beautiful 27-inch display is one of the most appealing features that draws people in.

This device’s overall settings are ideal for frequent multitasking or doing any simple to moderate CPU-intensive activities.

This AIO is extensively utilized in different companies and offices due to its small PC.

Asus Vivo V272UA AIO & Variants Price

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Review of the Asus Vivo V272UA AIO


Buy it for: The ASUS AIO has a fantastic display. It has a sophisticated audio system, and the integrated HD webcam is very useful for frequent users.

Be aware that the AIO’s cooling capacity is insufficient. Because this gadget lacks a dedicated graphics card, gamers should avoid it.

Home usage, lightroom, bloggers, authors, and other reasons are the best uses.

HP Pavilion 27 D0072 AIO and Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 AIO are the best options.


This device is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact AIO at a reasonable price. This device is an excellent option for everyday computing, however it is not suggested for severe CPU or graphics-intensive activities.

Design & Build

This AIO’s general design is extremely basic and small. The firm has designed this gadget incredibly small in order to make it a space-saving product.

The item is also light in weight. The stand on the Asus Vivo V272UA is extremely basic and beautiful.

Aluminium is used to make this single-piece stand. It gives the AIO a really feminine look.

The form of the stand is nearly identical to the Chinese character for “human.”

The display is held securely in place thanks to the stand’s precisely balanced hinge.

Users may adjust the display to their preferred viewing position without difficulty.

This Asus Vivo V272UA AIO comes with a 27-inch touch-screen monitor.

This display’s Nano Edge display allows it to provide an edge-to-edge viewing experience.

It has wide-angle vision technology, so even people with a 178° viewing angle may easily see the contents of the display.

This full HD monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This product has an 81 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Users may experience vivid details and excellent color contrast in movies, videos, or any basic presentation.

The display is capable of displaying a color gamut of 100%. It guarantees that the colors are accurate.

This feature increases the attractiveness of any captivating sight, such as a sunset, waterfalls, or a bright blue sky.

A 10-point multi-touch display is available on the display. As a result, multi-finger gestures may be used to communicate with this device.

Users may, nevertheless, enjoy a highly realistic video quality while utilizing this gadget.


ASUS’s AIO provides excellent performance. It has an Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, which is an 8th generation processor.

This processor is an excellent option for multitasking. Users may obtain a maximum clocking speed of 3.40 GHz with this CPU.

The CPU seems to be extremely efficient and smooth in normal day-to-day use.

However, it is unable to do CPU-intensive activities with ease.

Because this device does not have a dedicated graphics card, it is not recommended for video editors or high-end gamers.

However, with low to medium settings, simple to moderate games may be played on this device.

Users of Lightroom are pleased with this product since it can efficiently handle this program.

This device’s Intel UHD Graphics 620 is used to handle graphical material.

This integrated graphics card isn’t capable of running the most recent HD games, but it can play HD movies without a hitch.

This ASUS multi-touch AIO runs on Windows 10 Home.

Storage & RAM

ASUS’s all-in-one desktop comes with a conventional 2.5-inch hard drive. This hard disk drive has a capacity of 1 TB.

This hard disk’s typical rotational speed is 5400 rpm. The AIO does not include an SSD.

External storage devices may be used by customers that need additional storage space. This device has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM.

It can handle 3 to 4 tabs in a browser with ease. However, while loading large files, the PC’s speed suffers.

Ports & Connectivity

Because this is a small PC, it does not have as many USB ports as a desktop computer.

This AIO has four USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports. There’s also an HDMI output port there.

There is also a USB 2.0 Type-A port on this gadget. This product’s built-in Wi-Fi connection is very sophisticated.

It supports 802.11ac wireless connection, which is almost three times quicker than the previous generation.

Because the AIO doesn’t have a lot of USB ports, users should attempt to connect their devices wirelessly, either via Wi-Fi or with the integrated Bluetooth version 4.1.

Features Not Included

The user may have a smooth stunning multimedia experience by utilizing this All-in-One device office.

The audio system on this smartphone is very strong. This gadget comes with two built-in stereo speakers.

Both of them have a 6W output. As a result, the PC produces extremely high-quality sound with enhanced Bass reflex, including rich, smooth, strong bass and clear, full-range sound.

To improve audio quality, this AIO incorporates ASUS Sonic Master technology.

The audio portion of this PC uses Sonic Master hardware, which is very rare in AIOs.

Users can easily distinguish each and every note of a song while playing audio files at high levels.

Advanced array microphones are included with the package. These have the ability to filter out background noise.

Such sophisticated components aid the device in improving its speech recognition accuracy.

This gadget also has an HD Webcam. It comes in handy while attending online business meetings.

Many people may be disappointed with the location of the Webcam. This device from Asus comes with a one-year conditional warranty.

Users may conduct safe and seamless remote access in this AIO by utilizing ASUS Zen Anywhere.

Users may also remotely shut down their systems in a safe manner.

A 90W AC adaptor is required to operate this PC, which is included in the box.


What Are People Saying About The Asus Vivo V272UA AIO?

Beginners and casual users whose primary expectations are seamless multitasking or basic internet surfing will find this gadget to be extremely satisfying.

Some customers also said that if the business included an SSD, the device would be more productive and quick.

It does not satisfy any of the high-end consumers.

AIO (All-In-One) PC’s are all-in-one computers that come with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. All of these components are packed into a single box. Many people like this type of computer because it provides a lot of versatility and saves space. If you are looking for a new all-in-one PC, then you have certainly come to the right place.. Read more about asus aio v222fak and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASUS AIO PC good?

ASUS AIO PC is a good computer.

Is the Asus Vivo AIO good for gaming?

The Asus Vivo AIO is a good computer for gaming. It has an Intel i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM, and a GTX 1060 graphics card.

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