This is a great way for Asus to appeal to the audience that will be using Windows 11. They have a great reputation for providing great motherboards, and this is a great way to show off their expertise by releasing a BIOS update to Windows 11.

Many consumers are starting to embrace the new Windows ecosystem, so Asus is adapting their motherboard BIOS updates to take advantage of the new Windows powered operating system. This means that you can now update your BIOS to the latest version from within the Windows OS without using any third party software.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, is one of the best things in the world of technology. It makes the PC so much better, faster, and more useful, and if you’re a PC user, you know that. With Windows 10, the first update will allow you to install the latest version of the BIOS, which is the heart of the PC and allows you to install Windows updates and new hardware.


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  • Asus issued their first motherboard BIOS update to ensure that their devices can accept the new OS without problems.
  • They aren’t the only ones, however, as Gigabyte, Asrock, Biostar, and MSI have all published lists of compatible systems for Windows 11.
  • Both Intel and AMD chipsets are supported, and these new BIOS upgrades will enable TPM on AMD and Intel systems automatically.
  • We’ll also teach you how to switch TPM on manually from BIOS, where this function is often referred to as PTT or PSP fTPM.


Asus chose not to waste any time and prepare its motherboards for Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system, even though the final version of Windows 11 has not yet been released.

New firmware for various Intel motherboards that are Windows 11 compatible was just released by the hardware maker.

Asus has released a Windows 11 BIOS upgrade.

Even though Asus’ firmware distribution strategy is unclear, the majority of Asus’ ROG motherboards have gotten the latest firmware, which you may find interesting if you possess an Asus device.

Some models from the Prime series are included as well. So it shouldn’t be long before all of the other series’ gadgets receive theirs as well.

The firmware version number will, of course, differ from motherboard to motherboard.

Both Intel and AMD chipsets are supported, and these new BIOS upgrades will enable TPM on AMD and Intel systems automatically.

TPM is by far the most divisive of the Windows 11 requirements, and it’s a move that created some consternation when users discovered their PCs didn’t have the option activated in the BIOS.

Many individuals were also perplexed by the PTT or PSP fTPM moniker that TPM has in their BIOS settings.

What series will be supported by Windows 11?

Intel 500-series, 400-series, and 300-series motherboards will be supported by Windows 11. AMD’s 500-series, 400-series, and 300-series motherboards will also be on the list.

Intel 200-series and earlier motherboards aren’t compatible with Windows 11, according to an Asus FAQ.

Additionally, the firm advises users against buying a TPM 2.0 module for their motherboards since it may not function.

The popular manufacturer did not offer a comprehensive changelog of what was changed in the new firmware, with the only hint being the firmware description, which claims to support Windows 11 installed or updated.

For additional information, go to their official website, which lists all of the Asus motherboards that are Windows 11 compatible.

Asus isn’t the only business making significant investments in the future.

As you would expect, Asus isn’t the only company that supports Windows 11 on its motherboards. Along with them, Gigabyte, Asrock, Biostar, and MSI have all published lists of Windows 11-compatible computers.

And this is only the beginning, given that the next Microsoft operating system will not be available until the end of the year.

Other businesses will undoubtedly want to join the bandwagon and offer support for the new operating system.

How can I switch on TPM from the BIOS?

Asus was nice enough to explain how to manually enable the TPM functionality from BIOS since they chose to offer this next level of OS compatibility.

It’s a really easy procedure that we’ll walk you through. This is what you must do:

  1. To access the BIOS, press Del when the ASUS or ROG logo displays.

  2. Click Enable on the PTT drop-down option on the AdvancedPCH-FW Configuration page.1628172754_866_Asus-just-released-the-first-Windows-11-Motherboard-BIOS-Update

  3. A notice window will display whenever you try to make the modification in the BIOS (see below). After clicking OK, hit F10 to save your changes and start your computer.1628172754_203_Asus-just-released-the-first-Windows-11-Motherboard-BIOS-Update

When you enable PTT, you’ll have access to a slew of new security settings to experiment with.

Do you have an Asus device running Windows 11? Have you installed this update if that’s the case? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I update BIOS on old motherboard?

If you are unsure, it is best to update your BIOS.

Does ASUS BIOS update automatically?

Yes, ASUS BIOS updates automatically.

Do I need to install all BIOS updates or just the latest Asus?

You will need to install all BIOS updates.

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