Welcome to my walk through of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, part of the multi person series of Assassin’s Creed games that we are currently playing. While the game is a bit buggy, we still have a blast playing it, and the story, which is currently taking us in the direction of the God Of War series is heavily cinematic and a great exploration of the Assassins Creed universe.

This is the first part of a walkthrough for the game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and it covers the first two missions of the game. The walkthrough is only a guide, and it will not cover everything you should know about the game, but it will let you know how the game is structured and what you should be doing. This is also a good place to start if you want to know more about the game.

There are two ways you can play Assassin’s Creed: one, by being the stealthiest, most efficient Assassin to ever exist, or two, by being the most epic, most confident, and most ruthless Assassin that ever lived. The former requires patience, stealth, and planning, while the latter means you don’t want to get caught. So which do you prefer?

Road To Hamartia is a quest in the Eurvicscire section of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

You must return to Halfdan to report your findings on Faravid and continue your investigation.

Here is the presentation of Road to Hamartia in AC Valhalla.

Proposed Capacity: 190

Back to Halfdan

Go back to Donecaster to meet Halfdan.

Faravid intends to attack or honorably

You will then be faced with a choice: either :

  • Faravid is preparing an attack.
  • Faravid is noble.

If you choose the first option, Halfdan will get angry with him and ask you to take care of Moira as well.

If you choose the second option, Halfdan will ask you to investigate Faravid and Moira further.

Find Moira

Go to Moira’s house in Doncaster. The location is shown below and is marked with a search icon.

Enter the house and read the note. They’ll find out it’s from Wyke.

Now go to Wyke, which is east or slightly northeast of Donecaster. The location is indicated by a quest icon on the map below.

When you get to Vaika, you have to find his house. It’s deeper in the forest.

You’ll see a crowd in front of their house.

Entering the house

You can enter the house through the roof. Break down the breakable wooden planks and enter the house.

Talk to Moira inside.

Moira dials

You can go outside or ask Moira to pretend to be in pain.

I chose the first solution.

To get out of the house, push the plank back and use the window.

Talk to the man in charge.

During the call, you have three options. The best option is the first, which requires a level 3 pilot.

There will be no fighting.

I want to follow Moira

When the residents have left, Moira exits through the side door.

Follow her and talk to her. Judging from the conversation, she doesn’t seem suspicious.

Search and inform Half dan

Then you’ll meet Halfdan west of Wyke. The exact position is indicated below with a search symbol.

You’ll see with the dog. Talk to Halfdan to report your findings.

Find the Halfdan Scout

His scout named Olav has disappeared.

Climb the ruin wall and see a scout.

Bring a scout to Halfdan

Take the scout and bring him to Halfdan. To come down, keep jumping over the walls on the left. You should be able to get out easily.

Beaunton suit

After Olaf’s death, Halfdan orders his dog to find the traitors.

Follow a dog called Beaunton.

Detection of suspected traitors

Beaunton will lead you to the building.

Enter the building and find your way down. Destroy the wooden planks to come down.

Once you reach the bottom, look for a narrow space at the bottom that you can slide through.

You come to a dead end with a dilapidated stone wall. Dive into the water and find your way to the other side.

Then you enter a room with a barred door, a heavy door and a closed door.

Help Halfdan find his way to room

To show Halfdan the way, take one of the jars of oil.

Go back to the weak stone wall and put the oil can down. This will clear the way.

Ask Halfdan to come down for you. If he doesn’t move, walk towards him and he will start following you.

When he’s with you, go back to the room with all the doors.

Use a door that can be opened by two people (forced opening).

Inside, you’ll find a key. Take it.

Finding the source of voices

To find the source of the traitor’s voices, use the key to open the locked door.

Continue on the path and meet Ulf and the others.

The traitor must suffer or not be punished

You can then choose between :

  • Traitors must suffer
  • They don’t deserve to be punished.

If you choose the first option, you will have to defeat Ulf and his men.

If you choose the second option, Halfdan will say that Ulf was lucky. Halfdan promises to forget this day too if Ulf returns the treasure. Ulf will refuse and be killed.

The search ends here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start road to Hamartia?

You start by clicking the “New Game” button from the main menu.

Should you punish the traitors AC Valhalla?

No. Yes. No.

How do I get to Moira AC Valhalla?

Take the A4 to Moira and take the first exit on the roundabout. Turn left at the end of the roundabout and follow the road to the next roundabout. Turn left at the end of the roundabout and follow the road to the next roundabout. Turn left at the end of the roundabout and follow the road to the next roundabout. Turn left at the end of the roundabout and follow the road to the next roundabout. Turn left at the end of the roundabout and

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