When we last saw Andrew Carlson, he was riding his Polaris Slingshot Pro along with his friend Kyle Stocker, and taking home the 2015 Polaris Slingshot Pro of the Year title, and he’s done it again! His Pro Mod Polaris Slingshot Pro he is once again the #1 Mod Polaris Slingshot Pro in the World!

Andrew Carlson has been dominating the off-road pro-mod world in his Polaris RZR S-Series for over two years now, with 10 podium finishes in 11 events and more money than some drivers make in a season. Andrew is a star in the off-road world because he’s the best. He drives like a star, and he drives like a racer.

word-image-7634 Lions Roaring Speedway in Antigo, Wisconsin hosted the first two rounds of the 2021 Championship Offroad Tour. On Saturday, Andrew Carlson found the right setup for his Polaris RZR, and the Minnesota native took the Pro Mod victory. Carlson repeated that success on Sunday by finishing second to Can-Am factory driver Kyle Chaney in the second heat. Andrew Carlson won the inaugural 2021 Maine Champ Pro Mod and finished second on Sunday to secure a solid lead in the points. word-image-7635 Carlson started from the front row and took the lead on the first lap. He was challenged first by Robert Loire, another Polaris participant, and then by veteran Rodney VanEperen. The Yamaha rider made several attempts to get around Carlson in the latter part of the race, but each time he challenged the leader, Carlson found a better line or speed to get away. The first turn was important, Carlson said. I knew I could keep up with the guys if I had a good start. Clearly they are fast and will follow me throughout the race. I felt that we were really connected. I knew that if I drove a good, smart race, didn’t get nervous and drove a few laps in the lead, I would be fine. Rodney VanEperen continued his attack in the final corner and finished second. He was followed by his son Owen, who worked his way through the pack and finished third. Brian Waszak finished fourth, ahead of Luar. C.J. Greaves was on a roll at Antigo; he finished the weekend at 1-2 in Pro Stock UTV and 1-1 in Pro 4 Trucks. word-image-7636

C.J. Greaves (Yamaha) won the 2020 Pro Stock SxS title in convincing fashion. He continued what he had started with the first race of 2021. Like Carlson, Greaves finished second in the Pro Stock class on Sunday, behind Yamaha rider Brock Heger. Greaves was patient in the early laps, working behind leader Jeremy Hole. He took the lead in the third round, using the same tactic he would later use to win the Pro 4: the outside line. He then remained in the lead with his seventh win in the last nine races of the category. I made smart decisions early on and took a stand on the perimeter, Greaves said. I saw what the sprinklers did at first and thought there might be another way.

word-image-7637 RESULTS OF THE UTV OFF-ROAD TOUR CHAMPION SO1: Lions Roaring Speedway, Antigo, WI. UTV Pro Mod 1. Andrew Carlson… Paul 2. Rodney VanEperen… Yam 3. Owen VanEperen… Yam 4. Brian Laundry bag… Yam 5. Robert Loire… Paul 6. Grey Ledbetter… Yam 7. Andy Ives… Paul 8. Andrew Fausone… C-A 9. Luke Stubbs… Yam 10. Jerry Smith… Yam UTV Pro Stock 1. C.J. Greaves… Yam 2. Scott Wass… Yam 3. Brock Heger… Yam 4. Johnny Holtger… ? ???? 5. Jacob Rosales… Yam 6. Matt Well… Paul 7. Matt Wood… Yam 8. Jesse Klaus… Yam 9. RJ Lego… Yam 10. Joe Dresel… Paul SO2: Lions Roaring Speedway, Antigo, WI. UTV Pro Mod 1. Kyle Chaney… C-A 2. Andrew Carlson… Paul 3. Robert Loire… Paul 4. Rodney VanEperen… Yam 5. Brian Laundry bag… Yam 6. Owen VanEperen… Yam 7. Andy Klecka… C-A 8. Leland Thayes… Paul 9. Brian Joski… C-A 10. Jerry Smith… Yam UTV Pro Stock 1. Brock Heger… Yam 2. C.J. Greaves… Yam 3. Scott Wass… Yam 4. Jacob Rosales… Yam 5. RJ Lego… Yam 6. Owen VanEperen… Yam 7. Matt Wood… Yam 8. Jesse Klaus… Yam 9. Joe Dresel… Paul 10. Jack LeTourneau… Paul The post ANDREW CARLSON AND POLARIS TOP CHAMP OFFROAD PRO MODS appeared first on .

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