After an up and down rookie season, Jets’ first-round pick Zach Wilson makes his training camp debut.

The Zach Wilson highlights is a video that shows the New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson making his training camp debut on August 5th, 2018.

Zach Wilson, a coveted rookie for the New York Jets, made his training camp debut on Friday, saying he’s excited to master his trade and one day lead the Jets to a Super Bowl.

However, his return to the club after a short contract disagreement was tinged with regret.

Wilson’s coach, passing-game expert Gregg Knapp, died on July 22 from injuries sustained while bicycling near his house in California when he was hit by a vehicle.

“It was total shock at first,” Wilson remarked after his first session. “I’d only just finished talking to him the day before the incident [on July 17].” It was almost as though I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had the impression that I could have phoned him right then and gotten a response.

“Later on, when I was thinking, ‘Jeez, this is tough,’ it really struck me. I was simply thinking about him and his family, as well as everyone else involved, and praying for them. You kind of work together to get through this. It’s difficult, dude. Life is a priceless commodity.”

Knapp, 58, was in charge of the quarterbacks’ training.

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Wilson has gone through a variety of emotions in the last two weeks. The final first-round selection to sign was the second overall pick and presumed starter. He missed the first two days of practice due to a disagreement over contract wording. He was in Southern California, working out with former NFL quarterback John Beck, his personal coach.

The two parties eventually reached a deal on Thursday. Wilson signed a four-year, $35.15 million deal that is fully guaranteed when he arrived in New Jersey Thursday morning following a red-eye trip. Within 15 days, he will earn his whole signing bonus ($22.9 million).

With that kind of money, you can buy a lot of things, but what he wants is priceless.

He said, “You can’t purchase a Super Bowl.” “So I suppose I’ll have to put in some effort. We’re going to go buy one of them.”

Wilson will be the Jets’ opening-day starter, barring injury. Coach Robert Saleh would only reply, “Call it the inside lane. It’s his to lose,” when asked to affirm the obvious.

Mike White and James Morgan, both former late-round draft choices of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets, are the only two quarterbacks on the team. Wilson will not be challenged by experienced opposition from the Jets.

Wilson, unsurprisingly, received all of the first-team reps on Friday. His first throw to rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore was a long completion, but he labored the rest of the way. There was an interception, as well as a few inaccurate passes.

He explained the rust by saying, “I wouldn’t say I’m behind.” “It’s simply my first live gunshots again,” says the narrator.

Saleh had a positive attitude, praising the defense for generating tight openings for Wilson. “There will be ebbs and flows,” he added, “just like any rookie.”

Wilson attempted to remain current while sweating out the contract impasse in California by downloading new plays and viewing practice footage on his iPad. However, as he said, “Isn’t there a limit to what an iPad can do? It isn’t a true simulation of a game.”

Wilson has 17 sessions and three preseason games to prepare for the Panthers’ season opener on Sept. 12. The Jets are optimistic that he will be able to manage any bumps along the road. Wilson’s ability to “handle with hardship and shut people up,” according to Saleh, is something he admires.

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