Mods are a great way to increase the replayability of games, but with GTA V comes some added complications for modding. In this guide I will show you how to install mods in GTA 5 without any issues.

The “gta 5 mods” is a comprehensive guide to installing mods in GTA V. The article will show you how to install the mods and what are the best ones that you should try.

A Comprehensive Guide To Install Mods in GTA V

The mod scene in Grand Theft Auto V continues to flourish and develop, with hundreds of new versions being released every month. Some change the game’s appearance or gameplay entirely, while others add new vehicles or personalities.

Given that the game wasn’t developed with modding in mind and doesn’t have official tools for developing modifications or add-ons, the fact that the modding community has managed to produce so many mods for Grand Theft Auto V is all the more impressive.

Rather of relying on Rockstar’s official modification tools, the PC modding community for Grand Theft Auto V has devised a number of technological workarounds to make mods more accessible. In this article, we’ll go through the easiest ways to get started with modifications in Grand Theft Auto V. 

Before You Begin, Keep This in Mind! 

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start altering Grand Theft Auto 5. Certain modifications are exclusively for singleplayer, although some scripts may be used to modify the way GTA Online operates. 

Even if it’s anything as easy as having it snow around your character or spawning a portal rifle, it’s feasible that Rockstar may ban you from GTA Online if you start fooling about with the online ecology. 

Regardless, there are no irreversible changes you can make that will damage your game or your saved games. If you’re concerned about this, right-click Grand Theft Auto V within Steam and go to Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache. 


This will just remove any alterations you’ve done and re-download the original game files, removing any modifications you’ve made.

Obtaining the Required Files 

You simply need to download two items to install modifications in GTA V: Script Hook V and the LUA Plugin, and you’ll be ready to go in no time: 

1. Hook Script V 

Alexander Blade produced Script Hook V, a tiny collection of files that enables adventurous modders to construct programs that hook into Grand Theft Auto’s single-player mode. This is the tool that allows modding to take place, so make sure you get it from this link.


The Asi Loader and Native Trainer are included in the bundle. The Asi Loader is required, although the Native Trainer is optional but provides quick access to different hacks such as teleportation, fast running, and super jumping.

Installing Script Hook V in your game is as follows: 

  • To begin, transfer ScriptHookV.dll from file’s bin folder to GTAV’s main folder. GTA5.exe is found here, and if you have a Steam installation, it will be SteamAppscommonGrand Theft Auto V.
  • Second, copy dsound.dll into your GTA V main folder from the same location. You will now be able to utilize the Asi Loader.
  • Finally, transfer the NativeTrainer.asi file into your GTA V main folder if you wish to employ the optional native trainer. You’ll be able to change your walking style and switch off your desired level in-game if you do it this way.

Let’s go on to the next need. 

2. Lua Plugin for Grand Theft Auto V 

After you’ve installed Script Hook V, you’ll need to get the Headscript LUA Plugin for it. Modders will be able to create LUA scripts that function with the game as a result of this. LUA is a popular programming language for game mods. 

If you’ve ever used a software-modding tool, you’re probably already acquainted with it. The GTA V LUA Plugin is available for download here. To install the LUA plugin in your game, first download the file and then follow the procedures below: 

  • Script Hook V (latest version) may be downloaded and unzipped here.
  • In your GTAV directory, place the’scripts’ folder and the LUA.asi file (in SteamAppscommonGrand Theft Auto V)
  • Any LUA scripts you obtain should be placed in your new ‘addons’ folder.

That’s all there is to it! Now it’s time to have some fun. Let’s look at how to get your preferred modifications inside the game. 

Installing the Mods You Want in GTA V

1. Installing Your Favorite Mods 

You’ll need to download a mod before you begin. There are numerous excellent resources available—start with or, or just go to and explore until you find something you like.

Also, bear in mind that not all modifications are made equal; some are more dangerous than others. Mods that modify visuals or vehicles are normally safe, but scripts are risky since they run code and may include malware or conduct harmful acts. 


So, if you’re thinking of downloading a script mod, make sure you do your homework beforehand and only download it from reputable places where previous users have had success. As a newbie, we suggest sticking with 

2. Installing Various Mods in Grand Theft Auto V 

In GTA V, there are a variety of modifications that may be installed, including: 

Mods that replace resources 

If you’re downloading a resource replacement mod, such as a car mod that replaces an original game vehicle, the mod’s download normally includes a file that must be transferred into the appropriate directory and folder. 

That information should have come with the mod, so double-check that you’ve followed the instructions to the letter. It might be a simple.yft file that goes inside the game’s x64e.rpf bundle, or it could be something more complex.

The game files are in your Steam folder, under SteamAppscommonGrand Theft Auto V. Make sure you only replace resources that aren’t used by other mods—be careful not to overwrite any resources used by other mods or scripts when you’re installing Mods that replace resources.

If anything goes wrong and the mod crashes, just reinstall it from the beginning and try again. Now all you have to do is launch your game using the executable (GTAV.exe) and enjoy your mod. 

Mods for Resource Add-Ons 

Mods for Resource Add-Ons—such as peds, vehicles, and maps—are those that don’t replace existing resources. Instead, they are added as DLCs, which means they are in the same format as Rockstar’s official DLCs.

These are the methods of installing resource add-ons:

  • The data files should be placed in GTAV root/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/dlc.rpf.
  • Add a line to the dlclist.xml file. GTAV root/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml is the precise location, and the entry is dlcpacks: myCoolModName
  • When adding entries to dlclist.xml, make sure the opening and closing tags are precisely the same as Item. The file will be invalidated if they are not the same. 

Furthermore, since you have added certain resources to the game, you may need to install additional tools such as Heap Adjuster to assist the game cope with the additional resources and avoid it crashing endlessly. 

Is Using Mods in GTA V Going to Get You Banned? 

Although Rockstar has taken steps to encourage modification in GTA 5, they have also said unequivocally that any changes that enable users to “get an unfair advantage, interrupt gameplay, or cause griefing” would not be tolerated. 

Any modifications or hacks that enable gamers to duplicate money or spawn things are thus deemed unlawful. Many users who have utilized these sorts of modifications have had their accounts permanently banned in recent years.

Mods that alter the game’s look are typically safe to use since they simply alter the game’s appearance and have no effect on the gameplay. Even these types of tweaks, however, might result in a ban if Rockstar believes they are being used for cheating reasons.

If you love playing with modifications, we suggest that you only use them in single-player modes so that you don’t get banned from multiplayer games where other people may be harmed by your cheating!

Final Thoughts 

Modding is strongly recommended for a nice gaming experience with GTA V since it allows you to perform things in the game that Rockstar would not incorporate themselves.

There are modifications for every kind of experience, and modding keeps the game fresh since Rockstar doesn’t constantly update it with new stuff. We hope you find the information provided to be beneficial. 

The “best gta v mods” is a comprehensive guide to install mods in GTA V. The article includes some of the best mods that are available today.

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