Windows 10 has a number of design issues including blurry text and small fonts. The lack of a native option for adjusting font and text size can make using the latest Windows 10 OS a frustrating experience on the desktop. However, there are some changes that can be made to get the text more legible and readable in Windows 10. The following are six quick solutions for having more readable text in Windows 10.

Blur, or screen blur, is a problem for most computer users. There are many causes, including the way our eyes and brain adapt to reading small print or watching a video on a computer. There are also many solutions. One of the best ways to get rid of blur is to simply refresh the screen, especially with the help of a high-speed USB 3.0 display.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are experiencing text blur in your Windows 10 PC. You may have noticed that when you draft some text in Word or browse some images in Windows 10, the text/images suddenly appear blurry and hard to read.

How to Fix Blur and Small Text on a PC Running Windows 10

1. Go to the ClearType text option and adjust it.

Adjust ClearType text settings in Windows 10 is the first step.

The trick is to click on the Windows button> type ClearType > select the Adjust ClearType text menu that appears.


2. Turn on ClearType if it’s not already on.

When the ClearType window appears, select the option to Turn on ClearType and then click the Next button.


3. Turn on ClearType on all of your displays.

The option to enable ClearType on the chosen monitor will appear in the following window. If you’re using two monitors, make sure they’re both turned on.

Check the option Yes, I want to tune all monitors now > then click the Next button.


4. Reset the monitor’s resolution to its original setting.

ClearType will then check that your display is set to the correct resolution (native resolution).

When the detecting procedure is complete, you will receive a message that says “Your Color LCD monitor is adjusted to its natural resolution.”

After that, press the Next button.


5. Choose the Sample text that is the most legible to you.

The next step is for ClearType to show you writing examples from which you may select. The objective is to figure out what style of writing is easiest for your eyes to read.

Choose the more legible lettering; the difference is slight, but if you look carefully, you’ll see which writing is the most legible. To make text appear crisper on a big display, choose the font with the deepest and thickest black color.

Click the Next button after choosing the next text.


Follow the instructions until the end; there are typically 4-5 phases. Make sure you choose the text that is the easiest to read.

6. Move on to the next monitor.

If you’re using a single monitor, the procedure will be finished after you’ve chosen all of the clearest texts, and all you have to do now is click the Finish button.

ClearType will apply the same changes to the second display for individuals who utilize multiple monitors. Choose whatever text is easiest for your eyes to read and repeat the process.

When all of the steps have been completed, click the Finish button.


Done, you should now be able to observe the change after changing the text using the methods above. Windows 10 posts are no longer choppy, blurry, or unclear.

Make a scale adjustment on the large display to fix the blur and tiny text.

If the text is still too tiny and light, you’ll need to adjust the monitor’s scale. Typically, this occurs on big displays (20inch and above).

Take the following steps:

First, go to Settings > select System > click on the Display tab.

Pay attention to the Scale and layout > section in the Change the size of text, apps, and other items option, select a larger scale percentage.


You may experiment with different magnification scales until you discover one that works best for your display.

The best results will be obtained utilizing a monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a magnification of 200 percent. Feel free to experiment with whatever scale best suits your display.

The lettering will seem sharper and less thin when zooming in.

This scale change must be done on both displays if you utilize multiple monitors.

This is done by going to the Display section and choosing a one-by-one monitor.

First select monitor 1> adjust the scale.

Then select monitor 2> adjust the scale.


On Google Chrome, it fixes thin and difficult-to-read typography.

On Windows computers, the changes we made previously will simply alter the writing. The lettering will still seem small when you launch Google Chrome, particularly on big displays.

You may use the Zoom function to correct this.

To begin, use the Google Chrome browser.

Then click on the Menu button > select Settings.

Then choose the Appearance tab.

The zoom area on the Page chooses a bigger scale to find the most comfortable text size.


The text on Google Chrome will look thicker and larger after adjusting the zoom size, making it simpler to read.

Because the display driver (VGA) is not installed, the text appears fuzzy.

A graphics card that doesn’t function because the driver isn’t loaded may make Windows 10 appear unattractive, with big icons, a larger display, and illegible text.

Change the performance parameters in Windows 10

Last but not least, you may improve the look of Windows by adjusting its settings.

This is done by going into the system settings.

First press Windows key + R on the keyboard> then type system.CPL > click OK.

Then click the Advanced tab > in the Performance section click the Settings button.

To enable all graphic elements, choose the Adjust for the best look option. This will make Windows appear better, but it will also use more resources. This should not be an issue on high-end machines.

Option number two You may choose Custom and then select whatever features you wish to enable one by one.


When you’re done, press the OK button. Restart your PC after that.

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So there you have it, friends. That’s how to repair blurry and tiny text in Windows 10, and here are some suggestions for dealing with hazy and difficult-to-read text in Windows 10. If it still doesn’t work, please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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Windows 10 is a fantastic operating system, and being able to use it on whatever hardware you want is great. But there are times when a PC just isn’t fast enough, or the display combines with the aging hardware to give you a blurry, small text experience. This guide will show you how you can fix blur and small text in Windows 10.. Read more about how to fix blurry second monitor windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a blurry text in Windows 10?

This is a known issue with Windows 10. To fix this, use Microsofts ClearType Tuner application. This should fix the issue. Q: How to tell if your hard drive is failing? Most hard drives are typically silent, so you will need to use a

How do I fix windows blur font scaling?

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How do I fix a blurry text with multiple monitors Windows 10?

This is not a problem that is unique to Windows 10. Windows 10 has some issues with blurry text on multiple monitors, but you can fix it by disabling the Windows 10 Clear Type settings. Q: How do I make my own custom song in Beat Saber? The method is not

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