What are the top weather apps for Windows 11? This list is updated regularly based on current user reviews. The app with the most stars wins, so you can always count on these to be your go-to apps!

The “best weather app for windows 11” is a list of the best apps for Windows users. The list includes 5 different apps that are free to download and use.

5 Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 [2022 List]


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  • The majority of Windows users are always seeking for up-to-date and extended weather information in order to better organize their days.
  • The Windows weather app is excellent, yet it lacks several essential functions.
  • There are a number of third-party weather applications available with handy features that make it simple to keep up with current weather conditions.



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The desktop version of the Windows 11 weather app is an excellent tool for those who want to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. It is straightforward, straightforward, and user-friendly.

When it comes to organizing your day, a weather app is a must-have. This is because it prevents you from being caught in the rain and even allows you to prepare your outfit for the day.

Although the Windows 11 weather app performs well, some users may be searching for more than simply a weather app. 

Others may be seeking for a substitute for their broken Windows weather app. As a result, they begin looking for additional weather-related applications. The majority of them provide precise and accurate temperature information for your region, as well as a range of other functions. 

What are the best Windows 11 weather apps?

1. Weather Satellite Images – The most accurate weather app available.


Weather Satellite is a Microsoft Store application for Windows 11. It allows you access to satellite photographs from all across the globe, providing you a realistic picture of how the weather is developing.

It’s more than just a weather app; it’s a complete reference center in one convenient package! This program includes everything you’ll need to keep track of conditions wherever on the earth.

Extra features include:

  • Hurricanes can be tracked using satellite imaging.
  • The aurora watching map offers you the aurora prediction for the next hour as well as an interactive map of how it appears in your region.
  • Warnings of severe weather.
  • Beautiful photographs of the planet as a backdrop.
  • Temperature, rainfall, and wind speed are all detailed information.

Obtain Satellite Weather Images

MSN Weather – The most versatile weather app


Live weather updates, local weather conditions, and predictions for the following several days are all available via the app.

MSN Weather has functionality for live tiles. You may pin various areas of this game to your Start screen using this app. This means you can receive real-time weather information on your phone’s start screen without ever having to launch the app!

It has a simple and clean interface that gives you all the information you need about current conditions and predictions for any specific place. What’s more, the MSN weather app for Windows 11 was just updated, giving you even more incentive to use it.

Extra features include:

  • You may modify your start screen with live tiles to get your local weather at a glance.
  • You may receive current weather conditions and check what the weather is like in your location right now.
  • Check hourly predictions up to 24 hours in advance to get an idea of what’s coming our way.
  • Weather map that includes dynamic radar and satellite photos.
  • Severe weather warnings are issued.

Obtain MSN Weather

3. SimpleWeather — Easy-to-use software


One of the most basic weather applications for Windows 11 is this one. It’s for everyone who wants more from their weather prediction without having to fiddle with too many options.

You won’t only receive weather updates with this app. Other relevant information is supplied, such as sunset time, in case you want to take a good photo or just enjoy the scenery.

Its resizable tile is another intriguing feature. You may pin it to your desktop to keep just the most critical facts in front of you at all times.

Extra features include:

  • You may save your often visited places as favorites and get real-time weather updates.
  • Allows you to view a week’s worth of weather predictions.
  • Time of sunrise and sunset, moon phase, and astronomical events
  • Weather predictions every hour.
  • Rain, snow, wind, and other weather warnings.

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Obtain SimpleWeather.

4. Forecast – The Most Reliable Weather App


Forecast is a wonderful solution for Windows users looking for a lightweight, simple, and easy-to-use weather program.

The app displays current conditions in real time, including temperature, humidity, and wind speeds, and has a fast reaction rate, making it ideal for individuals with hectic schedules.

You may quickly explore several weather conditions in different regions using its swiping functionality.

Extra features include:

  • Support for live tiles with a dynamic background picture and accent color.
  • Both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are provided for daily forecasts.
  • Multiple location forecasts are available.
  • Graphics and animations of exceptional quality.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of storage space.

Get the Forecast

5. Universal Perfect Weather – The most comprehensive


Perfect Weather Universal is a simple, elegant interface that allows you to check the weather prediction at a glance.

It shows the current weather, including temperature and humidity, as well as how it feels like outside, wind speed and direction, precipitation chance, and pressure.

Extra features include:

  • It has a fantastic, easy-to-use user interface with stunning visuals.
  • A large number of templates are available to customize the app’s appearance.
  • Swipe to see the weather prediction for the day by the hour.
  • Temperature, humidity, and wind speed are all included in this weather report.
  • For the next 9 days, here is a daily forecast.

Universal Get Perfect Weather

What is the most accurate weather app?

Many weather applications are available that give precise real-time information. The accuracy of any software, however, is determined by the data source and how it is interpreted.

Local weather stations, satellites, radar, and global positioning systems are among the sources of data used by the most accurate weather applications (GPS).

Learn more about this subject.

Some applications integrate this data with historical data to forecast future weather conditions based on previous incidents or patterns.

You may always download two or more applications and compare their accuracy, although the difference is generally insignificant.

While the applications featured in this post are not all-inclusive, you will certainly be spoiled for choice.

Although the list above is for Windows 11, you can also get the best weather software for Windows 7 for free here. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 11, have a look at our full list of the best weather applications for Windows 10.

If you have any additional problems, such as the Windows 11 weather app not appearing in the Taskbar, we have a separate page with many solutions to assist you out.

Let us know which Windows weather software you prefer and which characteristics make it the ideal weather app for you.

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