With the growing popularity of cross browser testing in recent years, more and more users are starting to make use of these tools. The benefits go beyond simply ensuring that your website or app works across browsers; it can also offer insight into how different browsers differ from one another so you know what feature to prioritise in development.

The “free cross browser testing” is a type of software that allows web developers to test their websites across different browsers. These tools are in high demand, and will continue to be in 2022.

5 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2022


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  • Browser testing tools are used to ensure that a web app or website is functional and effective.
  • Easy connection with popular CI technologies like Jenkins is a frequent characteristic of the finest of them.
  • The best tools are also regarded for ensuring accuracy without slowing down the testing process.



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In the website and app development sector, cross browser testing tools are game-changers. Previously, developers and QA professionals manually tested their websites. This was both time-consuming and costly.

Developers eventually created automated testing technologies to make the website testing process easier. This, together with other advancements such as the introduction of the finest coding browser extensions, has made browser development appealing to developers.

Due to the large number of products available, selecting the correct testing instrument may be challenging. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top five cross-browser testing tools.

How does cross-browser testing work?

Cross browser testing is a nonfunctional test that validates that websites and web applications perform as expected across several browsers and devices.

The objective is to guarantee that end-users get the expected performance regardless of browser or device. Speed, aesthetics, and other UI aspects are among the characteristics that have been put to the test.

What is the procedure for cross-browser testing?

Testing across browsers may be done manually or automatically. The decision is based on the task’s difficulty and preferences.

The two ways are briefly described below:

1. Cross-browser testing by hand


Manual testing necessitates the installation of the test browsers and their different versions. This will be done for many desktop and mobile operating systems.

You’ll also write the test cases for testing. This will be tested on each browser on numerous devices, including human debugging.

For small projects, manual testing is useful. When working with medium to complicated websites, however, it may be time-consuming and difficult.

2. Cross-browser testing that is automated


Online testing tools are used for automated testing. These tools were created to do all of the hardest jobs. You simply need to input the name or URL of your website, the test cases, browsers, and OS systems to test.

More significantly, several of these automated systems provide manual testing capabilities. This enables you to develop custom code to thoroughly test your websites and pages.

What are the best cross-browser testing tools?


Selenium is a popular cross-browser testing tool that is open-source. It comes with an interface that lets you develop test scripts in PHP, Python, and Java.

This enables you to automate the testing of web pages and apps. Because its components cover all you need, the Selenium testing tool is straightforward to use.

You may run the same test cases on different browsers using its IDE, WebDriver, and Grid components. It almost gives you complete control over your website testing.

Other characteristics include:

  • Exploratory testing using automation.
  • Automation regression testing
  • On browser testing, record and replay feedback.

Obtain Selenium


LambdaTest is an online cross-browser testing tool that supports over 2000 real-world browsers.

You may experiment with different operating systems and screen resolutions. LambdaTest assures that your mobile or desktop software is compatible with all browsers and devices.

It also works with older versions of major browsers such as Opera, Chrome, and Safari. This ensures that your website is compatible with all browser versions.

Other characteristics include:

  • Testing on hosted websites locally.
  • Smart Visual Regression testing is an option.
  • Allows Selenium grid automation testing.
  • Support through live chat.

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SmartBear has designed a cross-browser testing tool for quick website and app testing. With its cloud-based lab, it guarantees that you get the best online experience on all devices.

CrossBrowserTesting is a premium product that comes with a free trial period. It lets you test and troubleshoot your website in real time on over 2050 different mobile and desktop browsers. As a result, it is the greatest free cross-browser testing tool available.

You may use this tool to see how your website performs in various browsers at the same time for live troubleshooting.

Finally, it’s one of the few Selenium and Appium-based solutions for automated cross-browser testing.

Other characteristics include:

  • Allows regression tests to be conducted.
  • Chrome Dev is one of the tools and extensions available.
  • There is visual testing available.
  • For recording live testing, use record and replay.

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In the industry, BrowserStack is a household name. It lets its 50,000 users to manually undertake cross-browser testing. It’s also worth noting that it’s one of the greatest tools for automated testing.

It promises to be able to do over 2 million tests each day with minimal to no lag time. This demonstrates the global reach of its 15 data centers.

Finally, it allows you to test your website and app on over 3000 devices and browsers. It readily grows its resources to meet the needs of its customers thanks to a stable cloud framework.

Other characteristics include:

  • Integration with all major CI/CD tools is available.
  • Visual checks are automated.
  • Provides firewall and Active Directory functionality.
  • The main test automation frameworks are supported.

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This top-tier cross-browser testing tool lets you test applications and webpages on tens of thousands of actual devices. The degree of precision is one of its most significant features.

It aids in the testing of important factors in mobile applications and web sites, such as load testing. This test is carried out in real-world settings to ensure 100% correctness.

HeadSpin also offers a scalable and distributed framework for improving automated testing. Appium, Selenium, and Appium Inspector connectors are also available for testing websites and mobile applications.

Other characteristics include:

  • Slack, Flutter, Jenkins, and other applications are all compatible.
  • Non-noise interference data may be monitored.
  • Resources may be scaled.

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Learn more about this subject.

When am I allowed to do cross-browser testing?

Cross browser testing takes time, depending on your preferences. There are three steps of testing in general:

  • Testing a website or web app right after a page is built is called testing at the start of website development. This test will be run for each page of the project until it is finished. While this is time-consuming and exhausting, it aids in the early detection of problems.
  • After development: This is the process of testing the app or web page’s functioning after it has been developed. This enables you to immediately rectify any mistakes before releasing it to end customers. This procedure does not take long in most cases, but it may be challenging if you encounter intricate issues.
  • After the website is released: In this situation, the website is released to end-users before testing. This might be expensive, since it may need numerous deployments depending on the issues that need to be repaired.

Cross browser technologies are more necessary than ever with the velocity at which websites are produced. The greatest of them provides you with several alternatives and precise outcomes.

Do you need tools to make your website design activity easier? Make an educated selection by reviewing our list of the best website design software without coding.

Please feel free to share the tool from our list you utilized in the comments section below.

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