Chargers had one of the worst losses in NFL history Sunday. What did we learn from this game that could help us improve heading into week 17?

The “nfl chargers” is a team that has had a tough time this season. The Chargers lost in Week 16 to the Texans, and it was a disastrous loss for the team. They have 3 takeaways from the game.

3 Chargers takeaways from disastrous Week 16 loss to Texans


The Los Angeles Chargers had a disastrous Week 16 after suffering a shocking loss to the Houston Texans. With the loss, the Chargers were eliminated from the NFL Playoffs and are now on the outside looking in.

The Chargers were defeated 41-29, with many turnovers on offense and a poor defensive effort. The Texans are in the middle of a rebuilding process, but they rallied to win.

Here are three lessons from the Chargers’ humiliating Week 16 defeat to the Texans.

3. Joey Bosa’s absence was felt.

This season, COVID-19 has been at the forefront of the NFL, with important players being ruled out on a regular basis. On Sunday, the Chargers were without Bosa, and his absence was noticeable. Only one sack and two quarterback hits were recorded against the Texans, indicating a paucity of pass pressure.

Bosa is the Chargers’ finest defensive player, wreaking havoc on quarterbacks and forcing offenses to pay attention to him. This frees up other defensive line players to apply pressure. Bosa leads the league with 9.5 sacks and six forced fumbles. He might have made a big difference against the Texans and helped shut down their offensive.

Bosa’s comeback will be critical for the Chargers as they attempt to make the playoffs.

2. Keenan Allen must increase his output.

Allen is one of the league’s best wide receivers, but he struggled on Sunday. He only had four catches for 35 yards and no touchdowns on the season. Star players must rise to the occasion and avoid having a bad game in big games.

Allen has 96 catches for 1,042 yards and five touchdowns this season. He’ll have to step up in the last two games to help Justin Herbert and the offense succeed. Because the Chargers’ number two receiver, Mike Williams, was sidelined, Allen should have seen more playing time. However, this did not occur, and the Chargers suffered a defeat that will likely haunt them throughout the summer if they fail to make the NFL Playoffs.

1. The Chargers’ run defense must be improved.

The Chargers’ run defense has been one of their main weaknesses all season. The Texans maintained their losing streak, allowing 189 yards and two scores on 36 carries. While they have a lot of skill, they have a terrible run defense, which will be an issue if they make it to the playoffs.

Adding interior defensive run stuffers should be the first emphasis this summer. A run-stopping middle linebacker might also be a smart addition, as he would help them control opposition rushing attempts. The Chargers need to make some changes, whether it’s in the draft or free agency, to improve for next season and beyond.

Brandon Staley and his charges will now focus on their next two games, both of which are must-wins. The Chargers can’t afford any more defeats in the AFC West, which is exceedingly close. Herbert will have to rise to the occasion and perform to his best capacity. While they won’t be able to add any more run stuffers, they will need to improve their run defense in the remaining two games.

The Chargers will conclude the season in a photo finish with the Denver Broncos and the Las Vegas Raiders.



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