The Miami Heat were the NBA champions in 2013, but the Brooklyn Nets are on a tear this year. Which team comes out on top in a 7 game series?

The destiny jones is a question that asks which team comes out on top in a 7 game series. In this case, the Miami Heat of 2013 and the Brooklyn Nets of 2021.


With three superstar players on one side, the 2021 Brooklyn Nets are one of the most talented teams in NBA history. Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving have a combined total of three NBA championships, two MVP awards, and seven scoring crowns. Their incredible skill instantly qualifies them for the Hall of Fame, and they should be guiding the Nets to the NBA Finals after the 2022 season.

Are the Nets of 2021, however, more talented than the Miami Heat of 2013, who won their second NBA title in a row? The Heat featured perhaps the greatest version of LeBron James on the roster, as well as All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. This superteam taking against the 2021 Brooklyn Nets in a seven-game series would be a thrilling fight to remember. Here’s how to figure out which team will win.

Kyrie Irving vs. Mario Chalmers


Mario Chalmers is deserving of praise for his long tenure as the Heat’s point guard and as a stalwart defender. However, against Kyrie Irving, one of the greatest ball-handlers of all time, he is clearly at a disadvantage. In this battle, Irving will almost certainly have the upper hand, giving Brooklyn a significant edge.

Chalmers will try his best to annoy Kyrie and will be ready to smash shots when the opportunity arises. When Irving is on a roll, though, he can generate offense whenever he wants, and no defense has a chance to keep up with him. Early in the series, expect Irving to come out swinging against Chalmers.

James Harden vs. Dwyane Wade


This game is highly anticipated since both players will go down in history as two of the best five shooting guards of all time. Wade will be a more dominating defender than his opponent since he is a potential Hall of Famer and one of the greatest two-way shooting guards of all time.

On the other hand, even if a great defensive player like Wade is checking him, Harden is unstoppable on offense. James is a 6’5″ guard with the ability to shoot, attack the rim, and serve as the main point guard. Harden is also in his prime, while Wade wasn’t the same player he was in 2013. Overall, this is a close battle, with Wade providing just enough defense to be successful.

Joe Harris vs. Ray Allen


In a battle between two sharpshooters, both players will be expected to play off of their superstar teammates while also attempting to maintain offensive consistency. Ray Allen, like Joe Harris, has a Hall of Fame background and will be under greater expectation to succeed. Allen will often make his shots anytime he is open and be a valuable option in late-game scenarios.

Joe Harris does not have Allen’s player status, but he will be charged with banging down shots whenever he is available. Harris has a lifetime 33.8 percent three-point shooting percentage, so he’ll be able to utilize it anytime Durant, Harden, or Irving are double-teamed in the paint.

Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James


The two greatest players on the floor go toe-to-toe in the power forward position. LeBron is the greatest all-around player on the court, and he’ll undertake playmaking duties in addition to the other responsibilities that come with being The King. James will give it his all to be the greatest player on the floor, as he always is.

On offense, Kevin Durant will go up against James, shooting shots and attempting to be the key guy on a loaded Brooklyn team. Both players are expected to score about 30 points per game and 8 rebounds per game, with Durant shooting a higher percentage from the free-throw line and from three. This battle will determine whether squad emerges victorious in the end.

Blake Griffin vs. Chris Bosh


To match up with Chris Bosh down low, the Nets are expected to play small and start Blake Griffin at center. Griffin is beyond his peak, but he still has the ability to make the outside shot and is an excellent distributor out of the post. He’ll also have to defend Chris Bosh, a true All-Star who is always on the move.

Bosh can score from everywhere on the floor, and despite his limited touches, he can be a force on both sides of the court. Bosh worked well alongside James and Wade, and his diverse skill set will offer Miami a significant edge on the floor once again.


Norris Cole, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Udonis Haslem, Chris Anderson, Joel Anthony, Norris Cole, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Udonis Haslem, Chris Anderson, Joel Anthony

Patty Mills, Jevon Carter, DeAndre’ Bembry, Bruce Brown, Paul Millsap, Sekou Doumbouya, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Claxton, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsap, Paul Millsa

Because of the abundance of superstar skill on the floor, outside shooting is crucial for both teams off the bench. In 2013, the Heat leaned heavily on Shane Battier and Mike Miller to hit huge three-pointers to help them win games, and they’ll be required again this season. Norris Cole and Chris Anderson, respectively, will offer important minutes as backups to Chalmers and Bosh.

Patty Mills’ shooting will be needed, but Brooklyn will have an advantage off the bench thanks to several bigs who can play effectively with their superstars. Millsap and Aldridge, both former All-Stars, will be limited to 5-minute stints off the bench. Claxton is a youthful and athletic big man who will be called upon to contribute in spurts when needed, while Bruce Brown is a lockdown defender who will likely get the most minutes off the bench.

The Miami Heat have an advantage.

Despite Kevin Durant’s presence on the opposite end of the floor, the Heat have the greatest player on the court. In terms of physical domination, talents, and mental fortitude, LeBron James was at his finest with Miami. As the NBA’s villain, James overcame his Finals demons from 2011 and made sure he dominated every game he participated in. Not to mention the fact that he was a member of a defense-oriented squad.

With LeBron James defending four spots and Dwyane Wade shutting down shooting guards, the Heat have a strong defense. Despite being a relatively frail big man, Chris Bosh was an excellent rim defender. On offense, Mario Chalmers was the 4th or 5th option, but his defense was above-average, while Chris Anderson offered length and rebounds near the rim. The Heat are a stronger defensive squad than Brooklyn, giving them a significant edge.

The Brooklyn Nets have an advantage.

The Nets lack the Miami Heat’s defensive skills, but they can equal their offense and perhaps overtake them. Kevin Durant, as good as LeBron James is as an all-around player, is a superior scorer. He’ll be difficult to defend against, and he’ll be a much more dangerous opponent than LeBron’s 2012 version. Not to mention that Durant isn’t alone.

Wade and Chalmers will be under a lot of pressure from James Harden, who is a three-time scoring champion and one of the greatest offensive players of all time. Kyrie Irving is a tremendous offensive force, and he’ll join a dynamic trio on offense that Miami hasn’t seen before. With the additions of Joe Harris, Blake Griffin, and LaMarcus Aldridge, Brooklyn boasts a highly powerful offensive squad capable of winning games solely on the basis of points scored.

Which team emerges victorious in a best-of-seven match?

This series will last seven games, owing to the fact that players on both teams have a tendency to become hot in order to win games. Game 1 will be played in Brooklyn, where the Big Three combined for 78 points to thrash Miami 120-105. Miami was not prepared for this kind of attack and will have to adapt quickly.

With LeBron, Wade, and Chalmers concentrating on defense, they only allow Harden to score 30 points and dish out 10 assists, while Durant and Irving struggle. The Heat regain their stride in Game 2, winning 108-100. Dwyane Wade comes alive in Game 3, scoring 32 points, including a late And-1 to give Miami a 5-point lead with one possession remaining, which Brooklyn fails to capitalize on.

The Big Three shines once again, despite LeBron James’ limping due to an injured ankle sustained in a collision with Blake Griffin. This provides the Nets ample breathing room to win Game 4 by a score of 110-102. With the series knotted at 2-2, the following two games are split, with James and Durant leading their respective teams to victories. In Game 5, LeBron gets a triple-double, and in Game 6, Durant scores 40 points to force a Game 7.

The two superstars are fighting toe-to-toe, and one of them will undoubtedly be named Finals MVP when everything is said and done. Game 7 is a nail-biter that will go to overtime. Both teams are equally outstanding on both ends of the court, but the LeBron James-Dwyane Wade connection makes a huge difference in overtime.

In overtime, Durant scores eight points, but LeBron and Wade combine for ten. With 8 seconds remaining, LeBron grabs a Kyrie miss and throws a ball to Wade, who gets fouled by Harden with 2 seconds left. Wade drills both to give Brooklyn a chance to tie or win on a three-point play. Durant hits a 35-foot shot over a double-team that just rims out to give LeBron and company a 2-point win in a nail-biter.

The Miami Heat defeated the Brooklyn Nets 4-3.

LeBron James is the Finals MVP.


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The miami heat championship roster is a list of the players that make up the Miami Heat. This list includes the 2013-14 season, where they won their second straight NBA Championship.

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