How many hours of TV have you watched in your lifetime? Do you remember those shows even a year later? According to the American Time Use Survey, Americans watch about three-and-a-half hours of television per day. Are these 18 the best episodes that America has ever seen?

The “most popular tv shows of all time” is a list of 18 best TV Shows. The ranking will be based on the number of votes and the percentage of people who voted for each show.

In the last two decades, television has gone from being seen as a disadvantage to intellectualism to being regarded as the new book reading in terms of the amount of time and money necessary to be a well-informed customer. Classic TV has become both revered and tedious for the typical viewer who used to relax after work with a comedy, much as literary masterpieces like Pride & Prejudice or The Grapes of Wrath might spend years on your list without you ever meaning to watch them.

Regardless, works that have emerged as standouts aesthetically, culturally, or innovatively from the ever-growing collection have earned their places as murals on the Santa Maria delle Grazie or games in the Coliseum: they’re what we as a culture revolved around at the time. Is it necessary for you to watch these shows? No. You should watch New Girl again because you like it and television is supposed to be entertaining. All you have to do is acknowledge that these programs changed the face of modern civilization.

18What We Do Behind Closed Doors

What We Do in The Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows, based on a legendary horror mockumentary, has proved to be the finest contemporary comedy presently running on any network or streaming site. The Jemaine Clement-created program, now in its fourth season, is produced by original movie director Taika Waititi and stars one of television’s greatest comic ensembles. The program depicts the everyday (or rather, nightly) life of four vampires who have lived together on Staten Island for over 100 years.

17Kai Cobra

Cobra Kai

As the Star Wars and Halloween franchises have learned, the legacy sequel is a difficult nut to crack. Many old favorites from the 1980s have attempted to come back, but Cobra Kai remains the gold standard, and should be taught in universities on how to properly exhume ancient texts for new audiences. Cobra Kai is the ideal heritage sequel to resurrect cherished characters and familiar traditions, pleasing old fans and newbies alike, continuing the tale of The Karate Kid. A middle-aged Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence find themselves martial-arts adversaries again, decades after their 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament clash. On New Year’s Eve, the fourth season will premiere. We’ve seen it before. It does not let you down.

Married with children, age 16

Married With Children

The Bundys are a family with a long history. They have the potential to be the Mount Rushmore of comedy families. Before or after their tremendously successful 11-season run, there has never been another family quite like them. Married with Children debuted before the long-running series The Simpsons, establishing Fox as the fourth network in the 1980s, when ABC, NBC, and CBS were the only options. Married… With Children was the opposite of the loving Cosby Show family, focusing on the Bundys, a suburban Chicago family that would sooner eat nails than speak a nice word to one another. The patriarch, Al, is a sexist shoe salesman whose wife, Peggy, is a stay-at-home mom who does little housework. It’s an understatement to say that their children, Kelly and Bud, don’t have much going for them. The couple’s incessant verbal fighting about their slacker kids, their lack of money, success, and intimacy is the subject of this caustic comedy.

15Idols of America

American Idol

Before The Voice and The Masked Singer, American Idol was the undisputed king of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Votes for favored contestants would flood the phone lines, with fans redialing over and again to guarantee Kelly Clarkston won or Katharine McPhee lost. Idol came before the YouTube generation’s egalitarian pillars: if you were talented enough, you were given a platform to prove it. Where claims to music stardom once came from throwing your life savings at studio time, Idol came before the YouTube generation’s egalitarian pillars: if you were talented enough, you were given a platform to prove it.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Season 14)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Accusations that women aren’t humorous have been debunked since the dawn of comedy. Yes, I Love Lucy was America’s comedy, but The Mary Tyler Moore Show was so profoundly humorous and brave that it is considered one of the most pivotal moments in mainstream culture’s acceptance of second-wave feminism. She didn’t have a spouse, a dependant, or a care; it’s possible that if MTM hadn’t been making America laugh so hard, they would have shot her.

13The Muppet Show is a puppet show created by Jim Henson.

The Muppet Show

On Saturday mornings and after school, everyone was striving to gain the young market, but only one show was skilled enough to attract adult viewers as well. The Muppet Show required derision, but Sesame Street encouraged unconditional empathy. Beaker taught loss where Mr. Rogers preached compassion. And then there’s the loss. And once more. Gonzo’s repeated trips to self-acceptance were all the more important for youngsters (who found themselves more daredevil than good neighbor) to love themselves as well since the Muppets weren’t saints.



Gameshows capitalized on the public’s desire for money and the opportunity to prove oneself in front of millions. To win money on Match Game, you had to be as clever and captivating as celebrities. On Press Your Luck, all you had to do was be born into a wealthy family. On the other hand, if you understood the correct knowledge, you might be a skilled winner on Jeopardy. There were no lifelines, gimmicks, or dependence on a blinded partner conveying a password; simply a celebration of what we as humans are prepared to learn. The greatest thing about Jeopardy! isn’t only that it promotes knowledge; it’s also because no one looks away from the TV while it’s on.

11Conan O’Brien’s Late Night

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Conan is to thank for today’s humor. In his debut, the world’s weirdest pick for Letterman’s replacement was burnt to ashes. Given that his replacement was a foregone conclusion, O’Brien just did what he felt was hilarious, not what was on screen. That millennial appreciation of unpredictability and Python-esque composure was born as a consequence. He was an early online pioneer before there was an internet. If you only know Conan from the Leno/Tonight Show debacle, check out Late Night with Conan O’Brien on YouTube to see how far ahead of its time it was.


Breaking Bad

To keep up with the popularity of Vince Gilligan’s great picture of American slavery, real meth dealers colored their stuff blue. It’s not only about how classist institutions create crime; it’s also about how the most innocent, even pitiful guy on the planet can become North America’s most infamous monster when placed under the correct conditions. Breaking Bad ended after just five seasons, defying studio conventions of “driving until you run out of gas” by requiring programs to be superb until the very last drop.

The Daily Show (#9)

The Daily Show

Fear, not just patience, was required while watching the news. You might keep a viewer too afraid to leave the TV if you plastered violence and criminality in between every ad break. The Daily Program had the chance to just be a comical show mocking the absurdity of the contemporary news desk, but instead chose to portray itself as a legitimate news source with duties to its audience. Jon Stewart would crack jokes, but he also made sure that the spectator couldn’t look away from the revolving globe behind him. Whereas Weekend Update looked for the unavoidable goliath stories among the funniest headlines in the back pages of newspapers, Daily blasted the Bush administration with fire and confetti, encouraging Americans to not only become more informed, but also to hold our system accountable for its mistakes.



It’s strange that one of the best sitcoms of all time was created to be the polar opposite of sitcoms. The man doesn’t get the lady, she doesn’t have a child, and the child lacks dimples. There will be no hugs or teachings. New York is life at its most Chekhovian depths. Seinfeld’s ability to circle a tale and punish its oblivious heroes remains an achievement, not only in terms of how anybody was ready to broadcast this diatribe, but also in terms of how it became such a classic in modern culture.

The Twilight Zone (season 7)

The Twilight Zone

How do you discuss racism when no one wants to speak about it? How can you research the atrocities of war when your nation flaunts any and all claims to global dominance? The Twilight Zone was not only intellectual, inventive, and frequently gorgeous to look at; it was also guerrilla. It was strange. Many people despised it. And it just kept getting better. The Twilight Zone told over a hundred stories, where a good show’s purpose is to deliver a good tale with a strong effect.



Fleabag was written for the stage by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and the reverence in speech and character eruptions within the limits of space throughout the series. Fleabag’s potency as a narrative behemoth maintained it sharp and allowed the sword to reach deep despite just having two seasons. There will be no Season 3 to replace the need left by the terrible and wonderful Season 2; you must make do for now. It’s a love tale, and whether you like it or not, love occurs.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a television show that airs on Saturday nights.

Saturday Night Live

SNL has long since ceased to be a show and has evolved into a medium. Just as you may bring a painter to a canvas to watch how they work, Saturday Night Live cast members have the rare chance to create live sketches in one week, perform them just once in front of a live audience, and then do it all over again right afterwards. It’s comedy at its most professional level. The outcome should be judged on how the program evaluated every important comic over almost half a century, not on how many sketches are successes or fails.

4The Wire

The Wire

During its tenure on HBO, the show was widely underestimated, never receiving enough viewership, critical praise, or accolades. While much of this may be ascribed to the show’s diverse cast, which led to it being dismissed as unsuitable for the ordinary American viewer, The Wire triumphed a decade later. A moving America discovered they’d been skipping over one of the most brilliant and clear examinations of what individuals would do to climb the corporate ladder.

The Simpsons (season 3)

The Simpsons

Because of its duration and merchandising significance, The Simpsons is sometimes seen as a token contender. In reality, if Seasons 3-9 were available, the program would not only be on our list, but would also be at the top. Season 4 is like seeing an old Renoir film: you’re blown away by it no matter how much you didn’t expect to be, and you’re almost enraged that we haven’t been building on this mastery. How did the program manage to be so amusing in such a short amount of time? Conan O’Brien is part of the solution, but there’s also the fact that lightning may hit the same area hundreds of times before disappearing.



Roots drew a record-breaking 100 million viewers, surpassing previous marks for a program doomed to fail. Slavery was a forbidden subject in every way conceivable. Invoking a pandemic by even mentioning its existence in front of a watching public was a recipe for disaster. Roots not only depicted slavery, but it also allowed every awful fact a chance to be spoken. For its mastery of narrative and character, as well as its achievement in persuading a nation to properly atone for its history, even if for a little while, Roots has become a program of legend.

The Sopranos (TV show)

The Sopranos

Today, excellent television is expected in the same way that good film is expected; it seems absurd that it wasn’t always that way. That’s all thanks to HBO and The Sopranos. Never in a million years would you put a good drama series on the air. T.V. was slammed for turning children’s brains into sludge and making the world less competent: it was again blasted for turning children’s brains into sludge and making the world less competent. Simply said, if it weren’t for The Sopranos, everything would be the same. Heartbreaks, action, philosophy, twists, and true art are all present. Consider every great program from the last two decades: it has a benevolent grandfather to whom it owes its whole existence. Tony is his name.

The “best tv shows of all time rotten tomatoes” is a list of the best 18 television shows. The list ranks the top 10 in order from 1-10, and then gives an overview of what makes each show so good.

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