You loved hiking in the past with outdoor adventure apps and loved it. But, now it has become a hassle with the time and effort involved. So, you need a new hiking app to make things easier. Well, here are some great hiking apps which you can use to make your hiking experience better.

The only thing better than a great hiking trail is a better hiking trail. For those of you who have been following along, you know I have been dabbling in the world of hiking apps. The apps have been a hit or miss, but I have been using the apps to plan and carry out the hikes. With the plethora of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, it can be difficult to find the best hiking apps, which is why I have created this article.

If you’re a hiker, you’ll love these 10 hiking apps for Android and iOS. We’ve researched and tested to find the best apps for hiking and backpacking. These apps will help you plan your trip, as well as track your hike, and share your adventure with friends and family.

Hiking applications can help you plan your next trek. They can assist you in finding the finest routes, provide hiking advice, and provide safety information from previous hikers who have already completed the journey. In this blog article, we’ll go through the best hiking apps for 2021. These applications are available for both iOS and Android smartphones and are free.

With so many applications available nowadays, it’s difficult to tell which ones are useful and which are simply taking up space on your phone’s memory. The applications mentioned below will undoubtedly be helpful as your go-to app for any future hikes:


all trails

The most popular app on this list is AllTrails. It has over 50,000 trails accessible for you to explore with your friends and family all around the globe. You may also submit a photo of your trek so that others can see what they’re in for when they go hiking.

Making new lists, saving favorites, sharing trails with friends or social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, finding new places near you using GPS tracking, and marking off which locations have already been visited by checking them off on their interactive map feature are just a few of the app’s main features.

iOS / Android 

Guthook is a guiding principle.

guthook app

Guthook Guides is another excellent hiking app. It includes offline maps, which are useful since mobile phone coverage may be spotty on the trails you’re hiking, and having an emergency source of information when out in nature may be very helpful.

On both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, this app has a nearly four-star rating, which is remarkable because applications don’t get much better than that.

iOS / Android


spyglass app

Spyglass is a fantastic software for people who like exploring off-the-beaten-path paths. It displays your GPS locations, elevation, as well as your speed and distance traveled.

The app is simple to use and may assist you in making the most of your walk. This software may also help you keep track of where you’ve gone if you’re interested about where you’ve been.

A rangefinder, map view, and compass are all included in the program. This app is a fantastic option if you’re searching for something to do on your next walk.

iOS / Android

Project for Hiking

hiking project

Hiking Project, like AllTrails, enables you to explore paths all around the globe. They also offer excellent offline maps, so if you lose service while hiking (which is frequent in certain areas of the country), this app will still be helpful.

They also include GPS coordinates and elevation, which make it easier to stay on course without having to stop and check the map every few seconds.

iOS / Android

Gaia GPS

gaia gps app

Gaia GPS is a GPS software that may be used for hiking and camping. It’s excellent since it aids in trail navigation while also displaying elevation in a pleasant manner so hikers aren’t disheartened by seeing how far up on the mountain or path they are.

Offline topo maps, realtime tracking of other members of your party, the option to add waypoints, and the ability to flag potentially hazardous sections of the route are some of the major features of this software.

iOS / Android

PeakFinder AR is an application that allows you to find the highest

peak finder app

PeakFinder AR is an augmented reality software that aids hikers in locating the names of peaks while they are trekking in unfamiliar territory. It also comes with offline maps and the ability to monitor your movements. The app also includes data from other hikers who have visited that particular spot, as well as information about the surrounding region.

The app’s primary features include GPS tracking of hikes/trails, sharing trails with friends or through social networking applications like Facebook or Instagram, discovering new areas near you using GPS tracking, and marking off which spots have previously been visited via an interactive map feature.

Another useful feature is the option to download maps for offline usage if you intend on trekking in an area where mobile phone coverage is unavailable, such as a national park or a location with poor reception and no Wi-Fi. The primary features of these applications include augmented reality, offline mapping, and the ability to mark your location on a map.

iOS / Android


carin app

Cairn is a hiking software that enables hikers to submit photographs of the routes and see those of others. It may be useful since it gives hikers a sneak peek at what the path will look like before they start their journey.

Tracking your walks, keeping track of which places have previously been visited, sharing pictures with apps like Instagram or Facebook, and keeping track of your favorite hikes are some of the major functions of these applications.

Another useful feature is the option to add friends who use Cairn so you can see what they’re up to when hiking or discovering new routes.

iOS / Android 


view ranger app

Hikers may use the ViewRanger app to discover routes all around the globe. It’s excellent since it includes offline maps, allowing you to use your phone in places where cell service or Wi-Fi may be unavailable, making it one of the most dependable hiking applications available.

The primary features of these applications include GPS tracking while hiking, offline maps, and the ability to share pictures with other apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Another useful feature is the option to add friends who use the app so you can see what they’re up to when hiking or discovering new routes.

iOS / Android


komoot hiking

In 2021, Komoot is a fantastic hiking app. It works on most devices and includes offline maps that you can download, allowing you to use it anywhere around the world. You must pay, however this is not the case with the other applications listed below, so there are no hidden costs! I really like how simple it is to use; you can quickly plan your trip and share it with others.

These are the applications I would suggest to any hiker or outdoor lover! They offer a lot of features, like the ability to download topographic maps ahead of time so you don’t require data while on trial, and they’re widely recommended by users as trustworthy tools to use while exploring nature. Please leave a comment below if you want a certain app included to the list!

iOS / Android

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Heading Out for a hike? These apps will ensure that your experience is anything but average. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, a newbie, or a backpacker who likes to beat the crowds, these apps will make you a better hiker!. Read more about best offline hiking app and let us know what you think.

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What is the best app for hikers?

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How can I track my hike?

You can track your hike using the built-in GPS on your phone.

Is Gaia better than AllTrails?

AllTrails is a great app, but Gaia is better.

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